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Demi Lovato photographed candidly

Demi Lovato Discusses How An Alien Encounter Could Lead To A Shift In Humanity

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By Chris Barilla

Demi Lovato has been choosing to spend her time in quarantine studying a completely left-field topic, aliens. The world-famous​ singer recently appeared on an episode of the Wild Ride! with Steve-O podcast to discuss a myriad of topics, but attention was quickly drawn to Lovato's comments about aliens and how a human encounter with them could lead to a "shift in consciousness."

While discussing her meditation routine, Lovato brought up an alien-related film that she had viewed recently and linked to her practices.

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"I just saw this movie called Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind," Lovato led off her off-kilter conversation on the podcast by saying.

"It’s a brand new documentary and it was just released in April. It was just released on Apple TV but it’s all about actually meditation. Technically it’s about aliens but they talk about how you can have a close encounter of the fifth kind which is contact with aliens," she continued​ to tell of the new film.

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The singer then went on to explain how the eye-opening documentary defines the different levels of extraterrestrial encounters that it details, "The first encounter would be like seeing a UFO. The second would be some kind of proof being left behind. The third encounter would be like you have some sort of interaction with the alien. The fourth is like you’re on board, you get abducted and then the fifth is human-initiated​ contactliens. I sound nuts right now," she explained.

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Although Lovato stated that she still doesn't neccesarily believe in aliens, she feels as though humans need to be more receptive to new and exciting ways of relating to the universe around us, "This documentary is talking about that shift of consciousness," she said, "It’s just also interesting that it was one of the top viewed movies on Apple TV, top most watched. I think this time right now is forcing a lot of people to look within themselves. That consciousness is totally shifting."


Whether aliens do make contact with humans or not, Lovato claims that she is enjoying the full benefits of meditation during quarantine and it has helped her develop a new perspective on life, "I swear, I haven’t meditated so much in my life. You find yourself, there’s literally nothing to do so you might as well do nothing. Sometimes I’ll do guided prayers. There’s an app on my phone that my church has. So I ‘ll do guided prayers. Other meditations will be like I do some Kundalini. Some is just breathing."

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