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Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, and Tamra Judge taking a selfie while filming

'RHOC': Tamra Judge Exposes Shannon Beador For Ditching Her As A Friend, Reveals Where They Stand Now

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By Kay Lewis

Tamra Judge is at it again folks! She is once again talking about bestie oh, sorry, former bestie Shannon Beador. The former “Real House Of Orange County” cast member was on the show for 12 seasons. She recently left after being offered a “friend” role on the show as opposed to the full-time role she is used to. Co-star and other best friend Vicki Gunvalson had also announced that she was leaving which means there was only one “Tres Amigas” left on the show, Shannon Beador. The friendship between the women seemed great but as some time has passed Judge is now accusing Beador of dropping her as a friend.

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The Women Used To Be The Best Of Friends

Beador  and Dodd on a double date
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The friendship has rapidly deteriorated since then which came as a shock to fans who see Beador as Gunvalson and Judge’s lackey. With Beador being the last member of her squad, she had to look for friendships elsewhere if she wanted to have an integral role in the show (enough to keep her out of the “friend” zone). Beador posted a photo of herself on a double date with her boyfriend and co-star Kelly Dodd and her man Rick Leventhal. Dodd is basically the “Tres Amigas” arch nemesis. You can see how this photo ultimately caused a rift between the former best friends prompting Judge to back away from her friendship.

Tamra Confirms Shannon Ditched Her

Judge and Beador pose for a selfie
@tamrajudge Instagram

The fitness fanatic is now updating fans on where she and Beador stand. During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”, Judge said “She was always the one telling me last year, ‘Don’t hang out with Kelly, don’t hang out with Kelly, don’t hang out with Kelly,’ you know? And then, all of a sudden, it’s like, she’s not returning my phone call.” This might have to be the one time we agree with Judge. Beador spend all of season 15 and most of season 14 warning the women to stay away from Dodd. She even called her “toxic” quite a few times.

The Friendship Between Shannon And Kelly Came As A Surprise

Judeg taking a selfie
@tamrajudge Instagram

Judge is mad that Beador so quickly fell back on her own plan. She is even more upset that Beador dropped her as a friend so abruptly and cruelly. “Before we talked every single day, multiple times a day. So now, it’s just, you know… I had texted her, I called her. Nothing, no response. And it just hurt my feelings, that’s it.” Judge went on to elaborate “As soon as we’re not on the show anymore, she just doesn’t have any time for us anymore and it really just kind of hurts my feelings.”

Tamra Has Hopes For The Former Friendship


Judge recalls that their friendship was pretty solid when they were on the show together. She was there for Beador when times got rough and vice versa. “I felt like on the show, off the show, whatever, she was my friend, you know? I helped her through this divorce, I spent hours in the middle of the night answering phone calls.” So, how did it come to this? Judge is wondering the same thing. Although, she is holding out hope that one day the friendship will fix itself. “I love her to death; I love her like a sister. You know, we’ve gone through ups and downs before.”

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