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Wendy Williams Blasts Ray J For Being Bad Husband To Princess Love

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By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Back in November, Ray J and Princess Love's rocky marriage reached a crazy point as Love claims that the two got into an argument and Ray left her and her daughter stranded in Las Vegas. This is also weeks before she was set to give birth to their second child. Sources close to TMZ add that the two still haven't reconciled since that incident but they do participate in family gatherings. Princess is now living in Beverly Hills while Ray has his own nearby bachelor pad.

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Many people still believe that Ray has been a horrible husband to Love with the latest rumor leaking in March that he cheated on her while she was pregnant with their now 5-year-old child. Wendy Williams believes he hasn't been the best husband as well. This morning, he appeared on the virtual version of The Wendy Williams Show and she asked him “How is the long-suffering Princess Love?"

Ray began the conversation by revealing that he's quarantining at a hotel. He was recording songs at the studio but Love has since revealed that he needs to do a quarantine before he can see their two children.

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"She’s doing well," said Ray. "She’s the best mother. Listen, God is good, we’ll all get better. I can do better, I can definitely do better, and I will do better. I’m working towards making sure the kids know that we love each other and we love them more than anything,”

Ray and Love have since had their own show on the Zeus Network titled 'The Conversation.' Williams saw how their relationship has been on that show and she still doesn't think it's been healthy.

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“We did the conversation on the Zeus network because we are already on TV and we felt like as being our own therapists could work. So, we tried it and gave it a shot since we’re already on blast… Did it help? I don’t know,” Ray explained.

Williams then interjected as she praised Love for how good of a mom she's been. She went on to praise how Love tried to be there for Ray and she puts up with way too much from him.

“No! It didn’t help because it shows that she’s a good mom and she’s tried to be there for you.” She’s put up with more than she needs to and it shows that you’re the type of man who will never be faithful. She’s a good mom. And, you’ve proved you can’t be faithful.”

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Ray reportedly tried to win Love back on Valentine's Day as well as he showered a Beverly Hills condo with roses. The two originally got married back in August of 2016. Their relationship was also nationally displayed as they starred in 'Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood.'

“Now that my wife had the baby and it’s done and that process is over, we’ve got to focus on parenting. But then, we’ve got to start turning it back to us again,” said Ray to HollywoodLife in January. “And I’ve got to make sure she’s loved and she’s treated in that way. So I mean, I definitely got to step it up.”

Ray J has been a very active entrepreneur as well as he owns the Scoot E Bike scooters. He is also making $1 million per year to get people to invest in the cannabis industry as he's the chief strategic media officer for cannabis crowdfunding company,

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