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'Gold Rush' Star Tyler Mahoney Trembles With Delight After Discovering Huge Nugget

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Aussie gold hunter Tyler Mahoney may be a newbie to the "Gold Rush" team, but she's no rookie when it comes to finding the shiny stuff. The 23-year-old prospector proved she's got the chops to hang with the best of them in the most recent sneak preview of "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail."

The Blast obtained a preview from Discovery of this week's episode, which features Tyler utilizing a metal detector in the Australian outback in search of rich deposits of gold.

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Looking For the Big One

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

The Australian beauty was trying to confirm that the ground on Parker Schnabel's leased land is good for mining, and while the cameras were rolling Tyler keyed in on a good sign.

"Not a bad signal, this is exactly where the gold should be," Tyler explained while the metal detector emitted squeals of delight.

After pinpointing the area where she thought gold could be, Tyler whipped out some tools to begin clearing dirt away in search of the treasure.

"If I could pull out a decent size nugget right now that would be the cherry on the cake," she admitted.


Discovery Channel

After a few moments of hard work, Tyler was rewarded with a huge score -- a giant gold nugget!

"I've never been this excited about getting a nugget out of the ground," Tyler told the cameras.

"I'm shaking, that's a nice nugget. This is exactly what I needed," the young star said while visibly trembling from the rush of adrenaline discovering the gold gave.

It was later revealed that the nugget weighed in at a 1/3 of an ounce ... roughly $500 worth of gold.

Missing Parker

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Tyler Mahoney is emerging as a fan favorite in the most recent season of "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail," and it's clear she enjoyed her time showing Parker the ropes in Western Australia. We'll have to see if she appears in future seasons of the show, or maybe gets her own spinoff.

Unfortunately for now, the quarantine during the global pandemic has forced Tyler to stay indoors and only reflect on her time spent with the "Gold Rush" crew. She recently posted a photo of herself, Parker and the rest of the team during a night out in Australia back when they were filming, and people could enjoy the nightlife.

"Missing the boys," she captioned the fun photo.

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