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'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Splits From Boyfriend Chleb Ravenell

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By Favour Adegoke on November 23, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST
Updated on March 13, 2022 at 2:52 PM EDT

The reality Television series "Southern Charm" debuted on March 3, 2014, with eight seasons. The show focuses on the professional and personal lives of seven influential people living in Charleston, South Carolina, and the political history of the environment and Southern culture.

Kathryn Dennis is one of the show's cast members, and recent reports revealed that she called it quits with her boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell. Their separation was announced during the filming of the eighth season of the Bravo series.

Fans of the relationship wished it lasted longer as Dennis and Ravenell were only together for a year and a few months. A source gave details about their breakup. So what caused the split? Keep reading to find out.

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What Caused The Breakup?

After the news got out, fans of the show concluded that the Dennis and Ravenell split would most likely be included on the eighth season of "Southern Charm." At the time, filming for the season of the Bravo reality show had already begun and was a few weeks in.

The couple had just celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship in July, and fans also joined the celebration. However, it was recently revealed what went down between the duo and where they stand at the moment.

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Per Us Weekly, the source revealed that "she broke up with him and they are no longer living together." They also noted that they ended on good terms, and there wasn't any "ill-will" between them. Also, Dennis reportedly wanted her partner to be more committed, and he allegedly didn't want to be.

"Her future husband would have to be this amazing stepfather to her children and be someone who would make a serious commitment to her, and [Ravenell] just wasn't that," the source said. Also, that Dennis' friends supported the breakup and thought that the two "weren't meant to be."

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How Dennis And Ravanell Met

The ex-couple began their romance during the summer of 2020 and immediately got fans' attention. They reportedly met after a friend of Kathryn's introduced the two. The friend was in a relationship with Ravanell's brother.

Dennis thought it ideal to make their relationship official on Instagram in July 2020 to celebrate Ravanell's 32nd birthday. The reality TV star shared a picture on her Instagram Stories of the two of them together.

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In the photo, she sat between Ravanell's legs while the two shared a kiss. Though Ravanell never made an appearance on "Southern Charm," Dennis made sure to inform her co-stars about her relationship, even if the union was new at the time.

During their relationship, many fans couldn't help but wonder whether Ravanell was related to Dennis's ex-husband and her two kids' father, Thomas Ravenel, because of their identical last names. However, it was never confirmed.

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Other Stars Of The Show Split With Their Partners

Apart from Dennis, other "Southern Charm" cast members have recently split up with their partners. In July, Naomi Olindo, a cast member, confirmed her breakup with Metul Shah after a "betrayal." She will be returning to the reality series following the split.

Many fans interpreted the "betrayal" Olindo spoke about to mean that Shah cheated on her. Many cruel messages were sent to him, but Olindo sympathized and requested that they stop. She also noted that they weren't getting back together.

The reality star also revealed that her ex was in a terrible place and was dealing with the consequences of his actions. She posted on Instagram, saying, "This is incredibly embarrassing and I feel so lost, I just ask that you please stop sending/saying hateful things to Metul. I have self-respect and I will not be getting back together with him."

Craig Conover, another star of the show, also dealt with a breakup. He split with Natalie Hegnauer but got into another relationship with Paige DeSorbo, his "Winter House" co-star. Sources reported that DeSorbo would guest appear on "Southern Charm" in the new season.

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A 'Southern Charm' Star Slammed Dennis

Over the years, Dennis became known by fans to have a very controversial personality on the show. This has affected some relationships with her co-stars, including Landon Clements.

The ex-cast member has slammed Dennis severally, most recently during her guest appearance on the Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

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"It's just vile… she'll do anything to stay relevant and in the limelight, she hasn't really created any sort of life for herself outside the show," Clements claimed about her former co-star Dennis.

She also said, "When your whole life is wrapped up in that, then you have to always bring all the drama and bring all of this…It doesn't need to be a storyline because she's physically not on the show."

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