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Scarlett Johansson Reveals The One Thing She & Fiancé Colin Jost Do Not Agree On

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By Marisa Roman

Whenever there are pictures snapped of actress Scarlett Johansson and her fiancé, SNL head writer Colin Jost the pair looks completely in love. However, just because two people are in love, doesn’t mean they have to agree on everything, right? Well, Johansson recently opened up in a new interview with ‘Parade’ this past week about her relationship, and what initially drew her to Jost. But the actress also shared the one major thing that comes between the two every year—baseball.

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Johansson and Jost first met back in 2010 during one of her very first ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosting gigs. At the time, Johansson was still married to actor Ryan Reynolds yet the pair did go on to divorce a year later. Johansson went on to marry French businessman Romain Dauriac afterward, with whom she shares her daughter Rose. Again, the two divorced, this time opening the door for Jost, who had been a longterm friend. Johansson explained, “It’s so funny to have a long-term shared experience with someone, and then the relationship changes.”

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Johansson told ‘Parade’ what initially drew her to Jost was that, “What you see is what you get with him. He’s very optimistic, easygoing, funny, nice, and those are the qualities that really drew me to him.” And while their relationship sounds perfect, living together in their Manhattan apartment, one thing still comes between them every spring season—The New York Mets and the New York Yankees. Johansson is a self-proclaimed die-hard Yankees fan, meanwhile, Jost’s team of choice is the Mets.

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It isn’t just Johansson that supports the Yankees, but also her entire family. Johansson detailed about her fiancé’s love of the Mets, “It's a sore subject. He just told me that he'd rather see the [Boston] Red Sox win than the Yankees win. Like, what?! I said I was just going to ignore that." Johansson admits that she was a fan of the Yankees from back when she was in high school. The actress admitted that she was a huge Derek Jeter fan, claiming, “I loved him. I used to keep his rookie card in my wallet!"

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But, being baseball rivals isn't enough to keep these two apart. Back in May 2019 the couple got engaged, and despite being very private about their relationship, Johansson shared a bit about where she stands in her life today. The 35-year-old actress explained to ‘Extra’, "I’m just in a good, creative phase and I'm in a very happy, fulfilling relationship, and I have a beautiful, very healthy, and inspiring daughter, and things are great.” You can catch Johansson in her upcoming MCU film ‘Black Widow’ out November 6, 2020.

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