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Fans Are Stanning Selena Gomez & Timothée Chalamet After Viral Kissing Video Surfaces

Gettyimages | Lisa Maree Williams
By Marisa Roman

After news this week broke that actor Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp split after one year of dating, rumors have been going around linking the young actor to another famous face—Selena Gomez. But before we go blowing the whistle on a new couple, we might need to set the record straight. After a viral TikTok video of Gomez, 27, and Chalamet, 24, surfaced recently, fans were stanning the pairing hard. Yet, the video itself might not be exactly what it seems.

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Selena Gomez / Instagram

In the TikTok clip, both Chalamet and Gomez were seen kissing, with what appears to be paparazzi catching them in the kiss. While fans were ready to jump on board for that relationship, it seems that unfortunately, this wasn’t a real kiss. The duo filmed a movie titled ‘A Rainy Day in New York’ which was released back in 2019. The film did have some kissing scenes between both actors, which is what was spliced together for TikTok to make it seem like the two were dating.

Selena Gomez / Instagram

Since the two were dressed casually in the scenes, it almost seems plausible that they would be dating and that the situation was real. It also comes at the heels of Chalamet announcing in an interview that he was single, which just added more fuel to the fire. Many fans were outraged that people would link the two simply because of a movie they had done together. One fan even tweeted, “I swear I’m so done with people@on tik tok thinking that timothee and Selena are dating like girlies IT WAS FOR A MOVIE!!!!! I’m so done with locals, I’m so done.”

Timothée Chalamet / Instagram

Meanwhile, other fans are in support of the two potentially dating. Gomez hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone in quite some time and her fans are ready for her to find love again. Chalamet and Depp split more recently after being together for about a year. Chalamet and Depp met on their Netflix movie ‘The King’ and fueled dating rumors as they were spotted across the globe packing on the PDA. Yet, Chalamet just recently confirmed with ‘Vogue’ that he is indeed single.

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For fans who are disappointed by the news that Gomez and Chalamet are likely not dating, you can still see the two actors together on screen in their movie ‘A Rainy Day In New York.’ The film did not get the type of release or reviews that were anticipated back in 2019 due to the controversy and allegations surrounding director Woody Allen. The romantic comedy film follows two young people who go to New York City and have a weekend of misadventures during bad weather.

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