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Snooki Goes Full Meatball For ‘Jersey Shore’ Version Of The Flip The Switch Challenge

By Jeff Mazzeo

That’s so Jersey!

Snooki channeled her old self for her version of the “Flip the Switch” challenge on Tuesday night. The hot mawma shared her fun video with her millions of Instagram followers and she was literally a shell of her former self when she went full meatball. The selfie video starts off by showing the “Jersey Shore” star dresses in casual workout clothes before the lights go off and back on. She is revealed to be in full club attire. Snooki is decked out in a leopard print top and ruby red lipstick. The reality star wore dark sunglasses and had one big poof on top of her head that she sprayed with tons of hairspray.

"SNOOKZZZ. ✌🏽" the reality star captioned her vid.

Keep scrolling to see her transformation.

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Hot Mawma!


"Queen Mother of the Poof 😍😍😍,” one follower commented before she quickly replied, “still got it 💁🏽‍♀️.”

"Why she get her lips done if it doesn’t show the difference unless she does a kissy face 🤷🏻‍♀️ stay natural guh,” another fan wrote and she commented back, "me i was doing my snooki kissy face 🙄."

Snooki had to prove that Jersey girls are tough and laid the smackdown on one troll that insulted her in the comments.

"🙄 ur 90,” the troll said. Snooki hit back and said, “lmao that means you’re 657.”

Wine Time


The legendary drinker has been doing some of her best work while stuck at home like the rest of us. She made a joke about the new national pastime last week. She shared a video of herself counting down the time until wine time set to the final "Jeopardy!" theme.

"Is it time yet?! #quarantinelife," Snooki captioned the funny video.

She ended up having a heavily poured glass of wine at the end of the clip but who can blame her? She is the mawma of 3 kids who are stuck at home with her at all hours of the day.

"What time is wine time at your house?" a friendly fan asked. "i really try to wait till 6 😩," she replied.

Hey, that's better than us... we are popping the cork at 4:30!

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