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Gabrielle Union looks amazing in this photo where she has on a black dress and a bold smile on her face.

Gabrielle Union Once Told Stephen & Ayesha Curry To See Other People

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Gabrielle Union, as a good friend, once encouraged Ayesha Curry to breakup with Stephen and see other people. Thankfully, Ayesha did not heed to the advice, but now, the friends can think back about their conversation and laugh about it.

Sometimes in a relationship, couples often hit blocks and they are faced with no other choice than to speak to someone about it. Airing your thoughts out to your close friend does not mean you will follow their advice, but listening to you, is enough to relive the stress.

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Some people often feel pressured in a relationship and start getting cold feet. During this time, one of the things that can somehow save you a heartache, is talking to someone about it.

Ayesha and Union have been good friends for a very long time and it was only natural that the duo speak about their personal lives with one another. Today, they are both happily married and still learning a lot in their relationship. This is no doubt the beauty of friendship.

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Fans have always adored and respected the love story between Ayesha and Stephen Curry. The duo have no doubt been through a lot together and their story is an inspiration.

These days, teenage love gets boring and exasperating for some people, so they decide to leave it behind. However, in the Curry’s case, they have continuously worked in improving themselves while taking their relationship as a priority. It is not everyday we get to see two lovers who met as teenagers, stayed together, got married and built a family.

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Fans may not have been able to experience this beautiful love story, has Ayesha taken Union’s advice in the past. Instead, she became stronger and tackled the blockages in her relationship and that’s why we are here today admiring the couple.

Recently, Ayesha and Union were on an Instagram Live speaking with one another. Fans rushed to the comment section to show love and listen to what they had to say. Union’s husband, Dwayne Wade was also part of the conversation, which even made it more exciting for fans.


As the trio conversed, Union revealed the one time she advised Ayesha to see other people aside from Stephen.

In her statement, she sounded very blunt, but that is what friendship is all about.

“I was like, ‘You guys, the likelihood of this working out is very low and you should just break up now and have sex with other people.” Union said.

Although she gave that advice years ago, Union definitely feels differently about the couple now and is rooting for them all day long. Fans also admire and love Ayesha for sticking with the love of her life through thick and thin.

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