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Amber Portwood

Who Is Amber Portwood's New Boyfriend?

Amber Portwood | Instagram
By A. Elise

On July 5, 2019, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was arrested after using a machete to damage a door. This occurred during a domestic violence incident in which Portwood was accused of attacking Andrew Glennon and their son, James. The most recent season of Teen Mom has been heavily focused on Portwood's criminal case, for which she received a light sentence.

Now, Portwood will be featured on the April 28 episode of Teen Mom as she introduces the world to her new beau, Dimitri Garcia.

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Ambert Portwood and son
Ambert Portwood | Instagram

Portwood's new boyfriend is from Belgium, and he has apparently come to the United States to be with Portwood. Garcia and Portwood met online in fall 2019, just months after the violent incident occurred. Both parties seemingly realized that they were a great fit.

Apparently, Garcia was the first to reach out to Portwood. He complimented her appearance, and they bonded over discussion of their children. Portwood has one son and one daughter, and Garcia also has a son and a daughter.

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood | Instagram

One source talked to Us Weekly, telling them that Portwood and Garcia are dating. The source also claimed that Garcia has seen the show a few times, but he's not a huge fan. He saw her on the show and thought she was pretty, which spawned the entire relationship. Apparently, they spend a lot of time together at Portwood's house, and they are still getting to know each other.

It is not clear what Garcia thinks about Portwood's history with domestic violence.

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood | Instagram

Portwood was with Glennon for about two years, and their relationship came to an abrupt end after the abuse accusations that also involved their son. He alleged that she tried to break into the bathroom where they were hiding, so he contacted the police.

Before that, Portwood had a tumultuous relationship with Matt Baier for about three years. The relationship seemingly came to an end after Baier was accused of cheating on Portwood. Fans of the show also believed Baier took Portwood's money.

'Teen Mom OG' cast members
Ambert Portwood | Instagram

Right now, Portwood remains on probation following the machete incident. She must attend parenting classes and meetings with a prevention program. She will also attend screenings for substance abuse and mental health assessments.

Garcia has not made public statements about his relationship with Portwood, but he will be a feature in the upcoming episode.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. The current season focuses on Portwood in addition to cast members Catelynn Baltierra, Maci McKinney, and Cheyenne Floyd.

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