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Sylvester Stallone Once Slammed Steven Seagal Into A Wall

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By Favour Adegoke on November 22, 2021 at 8:05 AM EST

It's no secret that Steven Seagal has a difficult work attitude. Many reports in the past noted that the "Too Hard To Kill" actor was allegedly bossy and pushy when it came to his co-workers.

Even recently, Sylvester Stallone revealed that he once came to blows with Seagal. This came after the "The Keeper" actor mentioned that he didn't want to be associated with him and other buff movie actors. Stallone didn't take too kindly to these words and reacted furiously to them.

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"Steven Seagal said that he 'didn't associate with that kind of element' - meaning me. So I slammed him up against a wall," he explained in an interview with Contact Music.

He also mentioned that after the altercation, they went back to being amicable. "At that time, our testosterone was running full bore. He was full of his height, and I was full of myself. But we made up. He can be very abstract," he concluded.

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Seagal Is Reportedly Aggressive On Set

While on the set of the 1996 flick "Executive Decision," John Leguizamo, a co-actor, unfortunately, fell on the wrong side of Seagal. In an interview with AV Club, the actor noted how Seagal physically battered him.

On the first day of rehearsals for the movie, Leguizamo overheard the martial arts superstar say to his co-actors, "I'm in command. What I say is the law." The actor found this hilarious and opened his mouth to laugh. But after he did that, he immediately discovered that Seagal was in no mood for jokes.

"And we started rehearsing, and he came in and was like, [low, breathy voice] 'I'm in command. What I say is the law.' So I started, like, [snorts]. I mean, who the f*ck talks like that? Who comes into rehearsal and says that sh*t?" Leguizamo explained.

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"So I started laughing, and he slammed me with an aikido elbow against a brick wall and knocked all the air out of me. I dropped to the ground, and all I could say was, [gasping] 'Why? Why?' I wanted to say that he runs like a b*tch and has no hair, but I was afraid," he concluded.

This, however, wasn't the first time Seagal had been extremely violent to his co-stars. In the production of "Never Say Never Again," the actor took up the role of a fight choreographer. Midway through the making of the movie, Seagal lost his cool with the "James Bond" star. He broke his wrist, causing him a traumatic injury.

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He Has Previously Accused Of Inappropriate Behavior

The martial artist has been accused of inappropriate sexual behaviors even during auditions for some of his movies in recent years. Portia de Rossi recalled an audition she was called to do in his office.

My final audition for a Steven Segal movie took place in his office," the "scandal" actress recalled. "He told me how important it was to have chemistry off-screen as he sat me down and unzipped his leather pants. I ran out and called my agent. Unfazed, she replied, 'well, I didn't know if he was your type.'"

Another actress also had the same tale to tell. While auditioning for "Under Siege," Jenny McCarthy recalled an unpleasant incident with the actor.

©2001 RAMEY PHOTO 310-828-3445Actor STEVEN SEAGAL listens to a question as he testifies in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom 12/19/01 in a sexual harassment civil trial brought by a former co-worker against him.
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"I was wearing this very baggy dress," she began, "which I always wear to auditions, with my hair pulled back. I'm listening to him go on and on about how he found his soul in Asia and is one with himself and whatever. When I said, 'Well, I'm ready to read,' he said, 'Stand up, you have to be kind of sexy in the movie and in that dress, I can't tell.' I stand up, and he goes, 'Take off your dress.' I said, 'What?' and he said, 'There's nudity.' I said, 'No, there's not, or I wouldn't be here right now.' He said again, 'There's nudity,' and I said, 'The pages are right in front of me. There's no nudity.' He goes, 'Take off your dress.' I just started crying and said, 'Rent my Playboy video, you a**hole!' and ran out to the car."

She also mentioned that it wasn't quite the end of it. Because as she ran to her car, he grabbed her and told her never to tell anyone.

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Seagal Turned Tail At An Actual Fight

Although many reported him to be intimidating, he usually turned tail at an actual fight. Per a Question and Answer with Ain't It Cool, Stallone recalled when Seagal confronted another actor, and all he did was walk away.

"I remember once, at my home in Miami, I believe it was in '96 or'97, Van Damme was there with Seagal, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Shaquille O'Neal, Don Johnson, and Madonna. it was a heck of a party," Stallone stated.

"Van Damme was tired of Seagal saying he could kick his ass and went right up to him and offered him the chance to step outside so he could wipe the floor with him, or should I say wipe the backyard with him. Seagal made some excuse and left. His destination was some Ocean Drive nightclub in Miami."

Who Is Seagal?

Steven Frederic Seagal is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, martial artist, and musician. He was born in Lansing, Michigan, and he launched his adult life as a martial arts instructor in Japan.

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A photo showing Steven Seagal in a black outfit, holding a single red rose.

He eventually moved to Los Angeles, California, where he remained a martial arts instructor. In 1988, Seagal began his foray into acting with his debut movie "Above the Law." By 1991, he had featured in four successful films. A year after, he played the role of Casey Ryback in the movie "Under Siege."

During the latter part of the 1990s, Seagal featured in three more movies and a straight-to-video movie, "The Patriot."

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