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Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Is A Sun-Goddess In A Bikini, See Her Hot Picnic Photos

Instagram @sofiavergara
By Jacob Highley

Sofia Vergara recently posted some stunning pictures while enjoying a picnic at home. She is well known as an 'America's Got Talent' judge, but did you know that she is also a professional model?

Her fans went wild on social media after Sofia teased with some hot photos of her backside.

We believe this would be a good time to point out that she is in fact 47 at this time. Viewers are amazed by how beautiful she is, and how well she keeps herself in shape.

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Sofia With Look-Alike

Sofia Vergara
Instagram @sofiavergara

Sofia also gave viewers a real treat when she posted an update in a tight black two-piece with her look-alike on Instagram. No one can figure out who's who!

'Soooo...which is which? Nobody can tell....🙂' - s_sibs (Commenter)

Most are guessing that Sofia is on the left with her friend on the right, but at this point even we aren't sure.

The other interesting point in the picture is the massive lemon tree planter in the shot. Some fans thought it was rather ornate.

Sofia Slapped Kimmel Over Mean Comments

Giphy | Jimmy Kimmel Live

For those who haven't followed Jimmy Kimmel's Late Night Show closely, you may be surprised to know that Sofia was on his show where they took turns reading mean comments about each other.

At one point, Sofia because so infuriated with the comments Jimmy was reading she actually slapped him!

This was rather ironic since they weren't actually endorsing anything people said about them. They had simply compiled a bunch of mean things said about each of them by people online.

That's right and we have the clip to prove it!

Sofia Happily Married

Sofia Vergara
Instagram @sofiavergara

There is a less well-known saying among entrepreneurs, 'Success Is The Best Revenge'. Although we don't know the full meaning behind this, we do think Sofia is the perfect example of getting back at haters.

Today, Sofia is happily married and celebrated another wonderful marriage anniversary a not too long ago.

She shared romantic photos of her and her husband, captioning the posts saying how in love she is with him.

We love seeing photos like this and especially like the Spanish she throws in!

Sofia Continues To Amaze

Sofia Vergara
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Fans shared how much they adore the couple on social media. We hope to see much more of Sofia, which should be fairly soon since she gives updates to her followers regularly.

Some of her latest modeling, like the one she posted for Walmart was very popular with fans after showing off several outfits.

'Waow ❤️ love the outfits 👍 you look so beautiful... Magnifique 😍😍' - mcroixm (Commenter)

'I really like her she is really nice and very beautiful' - rosavillapuduasanchez (Commenter)

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