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‘Family Karma’ Vishal Parvani Cites These 'Issues' As the Reason Why He And Richa Sadana Are Not Married

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By Kay Lewis

“Family Karma” ended on a high note last night with everything seemingly coming together for couple Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana. Parvani planned a great engagement party for he and his bride and even his parent’s mom Reshma Parvani, and dad Kishor Parvani got along with Sadana’s mom Lopa. What would naturally come next is a traditional, beautiful wedding. Yet, the couple are still not married. Most people would assume that this is because the pandemic and how it is affecting literally EVERYONE’s plans.

The Parents Don't Get Along

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Unfortunately, for Pavani and Sadana, this is not the case. Fans of the show know that the couple have been engaged for quite some time now they have struggled to get both families on board. Sadana’s mom Lopa is not a huge fan of Parvani or his mother. Something to do with an age-old feud that the women eventually hashed out after meeting for dinner. As for Parvani. She just doesn’t believe that he is man enough for her daughter. What mom doesn’t think that?

Richa's Mom Is A Tough Nut To Crack

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Earlier this year, Parvani shared a few reasons why he and Sadana are still not married. During an interview with “Showbiz Cheat Sheet”, he shared that it was all about respect and approval from Sadana’s mom. “If Richa’s mom won’t accept me, there will be no wedding.” Because the show was filmed in Fall and early winter one would assume that by now the couple would have tied the knot. Apparently, that just isn’t the case there are still issues that the couple are working through.

There Have Been Personal Struggles

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Parvani shared with “The Daily Dish” that there are “multiple” reasons why the two are not working on some babies by now. “I wish I could pinpoint one reason, but there are multiple reasons. We have issues in our relationship.” Parvani thankfully elaborated. “One of the larger ones is right after I proposed is right when she took over her mom’s business, which means we went from seeing each other every day for five years to where she’s now long distance.” While the couple tries to go back and forth as much as possible it isn’t ideal. Another big issue is where the couple will settle.

The Topic Of Children Are Proving To Be An Issue

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Sadana’s business is in Memphis and Parvani has made a life in Florida. “We’ve spoken about it. She’s asked me if I’d move to Memphis. But I told her my job is in Miami. And her job is in Memphis. My ideal scenario is we keep it as is. I make a lot more trips to Memphis.” Maybe marriage isn’t ideal for these two they can’t even decide where to live and it looks like no one wants to make the sacrifice. One thing is for sure, they better figure it out soon Parvani’s mom is itching for grandbabies which is another issue because Sadana is not really interested in kids. “I don’t know if it’s something that she wants,” shared Parvani. “She gets annoyed by screaming little kids, and I love it. It’s like music to my ears. I’m not going to say that she’s going to say permanent no, but I told her, ‘Let’s revisit the issue in five years.’ And she’s like, ‘OK.'”

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