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Hailee Steinfeld shows off her flawless figure in a turquoise bikini.

Hailee Steinfeld Sets Sexy Thirst Trap With Bombshell Bikini Body

Hailee Steinfeld | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Someone take the camera away from Hailee Steinfeld. Because one of these days, she will break the internet, and as much as we love her, a pandemic is just not the time.

Speaking of which, Stunning Steinfeld has stayed very busy during the forced isolation. She's introduced the world to her tiny new dog and is seemingly on a different live stream every day.

Oh, and she also announced a new EP would drop on May 1st, which induced her cult following into having a collective meltdown.

But then she changed the plan!

Sizzling With Self-Timer

Hailee Steinfeld flaunts rock hard abs as she casually poses with a palm tree.
Hailee Steinfeld | Instagram

Saturday was fairly casual in the Instaworld - until Hailee over here decided to drop a carousel of sultry snaps just before midnight.

The Oscar nominee starred in a Sunday series she titled "a day in the life ft. self timer," showing off her flawless figure while posted up on both a palm tree and beach towel.

And in case you're wondering, Steinfeld recently said she was doing 3,000 crunches every day to upkeep her abs - this happened six months ago, and the internet still can't decide if she's kidding.

Abs For Days (At Any Angle)

Hailee Steinfeld shows off her flawless figure in a turquoise bikini.

Anyway, this latest photo series should help clear up any crunch-related questions that still remain.

As a quick disclaimer: We're not in any way trying to minimize the flawlessness of this content. We're just saying its timing might be a little too flawless.

Just 24 hours prior to all of THIS madness, Steinfeld popped in to provide a very black-and-white message:

"Hey my loves, so, I am delaying the release of the project."

..... ??? !!!

We're still processing that information, but we're also trying to figure out how softened the blow so well. Maybe it was just her v chill "take-a-deep-breath-it's-gonna-be-ok" vibe (or maybe it was just her general "perfection" vibe).

'Only A Week' - In THIS Pandemic?

Hailee Steinfeld takes a self-timer pic as the sun shines behind her.
Hailee Steinfeld | Instagram

The topic of perfection is actually what Steinfeld cites as reasoning for her updated release date.

"[It's] only a week, ok? I needed a little extra time to get things perfect for you guys."

All that's really known about the elusive EP is that it will contain both of her 2020 singles - January's 'Wrong Direction' and March's 'I Love You's.' It was also confirmed that this now-May 8th drop is the first part of a two-part project.

In a pre-promotion effort, Steinfeld is said to be performing on the May 1st, at-home edition of 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

Distraction From The Delay

Hailee Steinfeld and her new pup hang out on the beach - and Hailee lifts her sweatshirt to show off her 3000-crunch-a-day abs.
Hailee Steinfeld | Instagram

The fandom had a rough day of rebuilding after the delay bomb was dropped. But, Steinfeld's contemporary and semi-name-twin Bailee Madison added some simple comfort to the comments:

"It's worth the wait y'all," the actress wrote.

A Steinfan on Twitter pointed out that - at this point - "one week" is nothing "compared to a couple [of] years." Another added that the date change gives us "more time to prepare ourselves," which will likely be necessary.

So, Hailee...if this whole backyard bikini bit was done as a distraction and/or apology for taking away this Friday's toy...

It worked, and it's accepted. On MANY levels.

Good thing this nameless project has a pretty face! "May 8th. The countdown begins now people!" - H.S.

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