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Reports Claim North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Is Dead Due To Botched Heart Surgery

By Marisa Roman

News outlets have been reporting that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un is dead after a heart surgery went wrong. TMZ reported that the North Korean Supreme Leader has either died or is on his death bed with very little chance of recuperation—this is according to media outlets in both China and Japan. Other reports claim that China had sent out a medical team in order to check-in and help Jong-Un. A Hong Kong-backed news channel’s vice director, who is also reportedly the niece of a Chinese foreign minister, shared the news to her nearly 15 million followers that Jong-Un had died, according to a “very solid source.”

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On Saturday, the ‘New York Post’ published an article with the headline “North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un rumored to be dead.” The Post went on to share that, “Kim Jong Un is rumored to be dead, according to a Hong Kong broadcast network, while a Japanese magazine is reporting that North Korea’s rocket man is in a ‘vegetative state’ after he underwent heart surgery earlier this month.” Rumors have been swirling about the dictator as of late, with many outlets reporting that he was struggling to survive and in a coma.


The New York Post recently reported that North Korean media hasn’t mentioned Jong-Un at all lately—nothing on his health or his whereabouts, while other media outlets have posed their own question regarding the Supreme Leader. According to a piece published by TMZ who is reporting from international news sources, “The outlet reports—citing a Chinese medical expert privy to the situation—that Kim had clutched his chest in early April and fell down while visiting the countryside there. He needed a stent procedure done, but apparently ... it either wasn't done rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon—with some reports saying he had shaky hands.”


Even President Trump, who is reportedly on good terms with the dictator, which has caused a major uproar in the United States, downplayed the reports involving Jong-Un’s health. The dictator has not made any major public appearances within the past several weeks, and it was just. A week ago, CNN was reporting that he was in “grave danger” after a medical procedure has gone awry. Reports have even surfaced about Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-Un’s sister, who was recently promoted to a higher position of power, which begs the question of whether or not she is gearing up to replace her brother as Supreme Leader.

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While there hasn’t been official confirmation from North Korea just yet, some reports are saying this weekend could be a major indication on whether or not the Supreme Leader is okay. This Saturday is a major military anniversary in North Korea, which celebrates the founding of the Korean People’s Army in 1932. This celebration, which is usually backed by a parade, is one where Jong-Un would normally appear. International reporters have said that if he is doing fine and not in “grave danger” then he will make an appearance to reassure his people. However, if he doesn’t appear, this will only add more fuel to the burning fire of rumors regarding his health.

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