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Bella Hadid bikini

Bella Hadid Poses Naked With Handbag, Fans Say It's What They 'Need'

Instagram @bellahadid
By Jacob Highley

Bella Hadid absolutely melted viewers after sharing one of the most sensuous sets of photos for a new fashion campaign. With nothing more than a purse to keep from being taken off Instagram, she just proved to everyone quarantine can't stop her modeling career for a second!

As fans enthusiastically pointed out, she looks amazing while staying home and numerous comments were left with people saying how they needed to see these amazing shots so badly.

We can hardly blame them, check out the photos!

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Bella Is A Goddess

Bella Hadid
Instagram @bellahadid

Some of the latest posts about Bella have covered her latest selfies and outfits - or lack of outfits for that matter.

One of her last selfies had her flashing some cleavage straight out of the shower. Talk about a steamy selfie!

Another popular post had her cover her chest with nothing but a burrito. Fans told Bella to hurry up and eat it so they could get the full dish.

We aren't sure what's making us hungry at this point. Is it the burrito or Bella?

Bella Is A Fashion Mood

Bella Hadid
Instagram @bellahadid

There is no denying that when Bella posts, it sets a mood that teases everyone reading. It's like seeing someone come on camera asking if you want to join her in the most innocent way possible, but she's in another universe.

We've seen some beautiful women and we are no stranger to female appeal, but we're inclined to think you would have to be blind to decline an invitation from Bella.

All she has to do is post herself relaxing in bed with Hello Kitty effects on her face and everyone forgets everyething.

The Runway Is Not Worthy

Bella Hadid
Gettyimages | Pascal Le Segretain

Some of Bella's most recent red carpet activity is from a while back, but we still love it all the same! Her outfits, hair, makeup and skin tone are absolutely infatuating.

The funny thing is, she doesn't even have to try. Bella posted a few photos in a yellow jacket on her Instagram, without makeup or complicated hairstyle. She slayed and left everyone wondering how to live after witnessing such perfection.

There is something exotic about Bella. She doesn't have an ordinary face or demeanor. It is some kind of meekness and confidence that everyone can't get enough of!

Bella Likes Her Throwbacks

Bella Hadid
Gettyimages | JP Yim

Though we wouldn't say she posts as many throwbacks as someone like Larsa Pippen, Bella has been more actively posting photos from her past in light of having so much more freetime.

We dare you to follow her social media activity for a week and honestly say you aren't madly in love with this woman.

Fans shared their enthusiasm after seeing such awesome photos again:


'This lipstick with the red is 😍😍😍' - lamia_issa (Commenter)

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