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'Gold Rush' Parker Schnabel & Australian Hottie Are Shocked After Seeing Results of Underground Mine

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram
By Gary Trock

"Gold Rush" star Parker Schnabel is not willing to let any stone go unturned on his hunt for treasure Down Under. In a special preview of the newest episode of "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail," the veteran miner is seen checking out a tried and true piece of technology that has the ability to sift through tons of quartz to reveal the precious gold.

Parker and local gold mining star, Tyler Mahoney, are seen meeting with a man named Big John, who owns a Knudsen Bowl gold concentrating machine.

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How It Works

Discovery Channel

The Knudsen Bowl was developed on the science of a Knelson concentrator, which is a type of gravity concentration apparatus used for the recovery of fine particles of gold. The machine, generally used in small-scale mining operations, utilizes the principles of a centrifuge to separate fine particles based on density and therefore allow the ability to separate gold from other rocks.

Big John explains to Tyler and Parker that he can pull up to 15 grams of gold from a ton of quartz.

A Little Light

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

After explaining the process, Big John loaded up the concentrate from almost 5 tons of quartz collected by Parker and Tyler from an underground mine. Unfortunately, the young prospectors didn't quite hit the mark they were looking for, and only showed yields of around 5 grams of gold per 1 ton of quartz.

As Big John mentioned the results were "on the lower side," a look of defeat crept over Parker's face. The young reality star had been hoping on hitting it big after traveling so far from his home in Alaska.

Not Done Yet

Tyler Mahoney / Instagram

Parker Schnabel hasn't yet found the gold he was hoping for, but he's not done yet as the Discovery star still has a few abandoned mines to hit up while in Australia. He won't go it alone, as he continues to rely on the help and support from local gold mining prodigy, Tyler Mahoney.

Tyler comes from a long line of Australian gold miners and has used brought her expertise to help Parker out, including a vast knowledge of the terrains, local history and ability to use her local contacts for support.

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