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Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Pulls Up Top To Show Round Tummy; Pregnant Or Food Baby?

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By Jacob Highley

Heidi Klum is one of the most recognizable TV celebrities. Her most notable role included being a judge for 'America's Got Talent' along with making prominent featurettes on other shows.

Along with being a fabulous addition to one of America's favorite talent shows, she is also an accomplished supermodel. Her front-cover magazine appearances and social media influencer activity have made her a hot topic year-round.

Recently however Heidi posted one of the strangest pictures in months. She captioned this picture saying 'Dinner Was Good' yet some fans wonder whether this was some kind of secret pregnancy announcement.

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Heidi Is Probably Just Goofing Around, Right?

Giphy | America's Got Talent

Heidi is known for being extremely outgoing and flirtatious. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume that this is just her way of doing something random without too much thought behind it.

That being said, Heidi is also known for keeping herself in fabulous shape very regularly. If you need proof, see the nude shot of herself she shared with fans a while back.

Again, nothing is confirmed but we aren't the only ones who are speculating about the 'tummy' post at this point.

Heidi In 'Germany's Next Top Model'

Heidi Klum
Wikimedia |,_Michael_Kors,_and_Nina_Garcia.jpg

Not only is Heidi beautiful and talented as an actress, but she is also fluent in German!

Many of her latest posts were captioned in German and showed off some incredible behind the scenes action while doing some stunt-modeling shoots for a show titled 'Germany's Next Top Model'.

We stay 'stun-modeling' because we aren't sure how else to describe it. All of the models are German, wear some of the most flamboyant outfits on set, and proceed to jump off a platform while striking a pose. We'll let you decide if modeling is still a passion for you.

Heidi Klum Excited For The Show

Heidi Klum
Gettyimages | Edward Berthelot

Heidi looks like this show was made for her. The stuns, the atmosphere, and the people all make this an amazing experience.

It is also frustrating because we don't speak German and really want to follow along more closely. Thankfully Heidi does shake it up a little as she will add English in once an a while.

(Usually to make a joke actually)

For those how haven't seen it yet, definitely check out the launch video that Heidi posted on her Instagram. It's pretty cool.

Heidi Posts Few Selfies

Heidi Klum
Gettyimages | PG/Bauer-Griffin

There may be a point in celebrity culture where one simply doesn't need to take pictures of themselves anymore. That's not to say a celebrity won't take such photos, but we're noticing an odd trend with people like Heidi.

Her social media profiles are dominated by pictures and videos that either promote something or are professionally taken. We found very few selfies of Heidi at all.

The most recent we could find (that isn't done by a pro photographer) was for Easter where she put on bunny ears.

Stay tuned for more news!

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