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Chanel West Coast poses at en event

Chanel West Coast Gives Instagram An Eyeful In Spandex Workout Proving She's No 'Regular' Girl

Jerod Harris/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast straight-up changed her mind after saying she was a "regular girl" today – the 31-year-old rapper and MTV face adjusted her description to "basic b-tch" as she introduced the second episode of "West Coast Workouts" via her latest Instagram video. YoutTube is where the star's 3.4 million followers have been heading to get a workout body just like hers – Chanel made headlines earlier this month for widening her multi-faceted career with fitness alongside juggling her LOL Cartel brand, music career, influencing, and "Ridiculousness" show.

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Instagram Already Disagreeing On The 'Basic B*tch'

Chanel West Coast poses in a white outfit
Chanel West Coast/Instagram

Chanel's video (seen below) showed her in the hot pink-painted gym that's in her garage. The "Black Roses" rapper was surrounded by the girly theme, seen contrasting it in a skimpy white sports bra flashing her rock-hard stomach and cleavage, with a black-and-white pair of spandex Nike leggings keeping the look monochrome.

A quick intro led Chanel into deep squats with dumbbells – the camera also took in a revealing rear view – with resistance bands working the brunette's legs as she delivered her reps. The post wasn't even 30 minutes old before West Coast found herself told she absolutely wasn't the "basic b-tch" she'd described herself as.

'Corona Rap' Goes Viral – Check Out The Video

Chanel West Coast poses in lingerie
Chanel West Coast/Instagram

Chanel made headlines earlier this month for her own take on COVID-19. The rapper had already delivered a boiler suit dance to the iTunes chart-entered iMarkkeyz remix of Cardi B's "Coronavirus Sh*t Is Getting Real" rant. Now Chanel has her own version.

"Chillin' here at home dodgin' 'rona, social distance got me like a loner," one lyric reads, with another saying:

"Ginger, lemon caught in Turmeric, my immunity is boomin' b--ch!"

There's also:

"Let's not worry about the flossin', more focus take precaution."

Likewise popular has been West Coast going brazenly topless in leather strapping and pasties: "Just dodging corona like..."

Comments Weigh In On The Bright Pink Gym

Chanel West Coast poses in pink gym wear
Chanel West Coast/Instagram

Comments left to today's video threw Chanel the thumbs-up over her super-fit body, also seeing her fans mention the eye-popping pinks forming the gym.

"Pink termites for sell😂😂😂 Chanel I know ya didn’t kill em’ all you just said fk ya’ll and painted over them and into them walls! 👌🏻👍🏻💯😂🤣😂🤣😂," one user wrote.

"@ill_in nah they gone fam 😂," Chanel replied.

"Queen, u soooo far from regular 👸🏼" was another comment. Appearing to prove this has been Chanel showing off her Louis Vuitton merch during a Fashion Nova promo – Chanel also rocked a sheer Gucci dress towards the beginning of the pandemic – the thong-clad booty display came captioned: "Bored."

Rants About Not Getting Enough Instagram Likes

Chanel West Coast poses in a bikini poolside
Chanel West Coast/Instagram

Likes are an issue for this star. Earlier this year, West Coast made headlines for ranting that her social media followers don't leave her enough of them.

"For the most part I f_cking like everybody's sh_t, and nobody likes my sh_t. And I'm just like, b_tch I'm f_cking famous on a million episodes of TV, and you got way less followers than me and I'm liking your sh_t and you don't ever wanna like my sh_t?" she wrote, adding:

"Who the f_ck do you think you are? You think I'm desperate because I'm friendly and liking your sh_t? Ain't nobody f_cking desperate, I'm just being nice."

For more from Chanel, check out her Instagram.

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