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Shay Mitchell Wants The World To Know About This Beauty Secret

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Marisa Roman

Shay Mitchell might not be a full-time model, but she sure knows a few beauty secrets to keep looking young and beautiful. The 33-year-old actress, entrepreneur, author, and new mom has quite a few tricks up her sleeve that keeps her looking as radiant and refreshed as ever. Mitchell, who is mostly known for her role in the ABC Family series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ has taken to blogging and vlogging after the show ended, amassing millions of followers. Mitchell is known for having some stunning photos on Instagram, despite the fact that she wasn’t always as confident as she is today.

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Shay Mitchell / Instagram

Mitchell opened up to ‘Byrdie’ and explained, “I have so many things when I was younger that I was insecure about, like having super-wavy hair, being really tan, and so many different things when I was growing up. I wanted to look exactly like all my best friends. They had blue eyes and blonde hair and a fairer complexion, so growing up, I’d dye my hair, I’d wear contacts, I’d stay out of the sun—everything in my power that I could do that was the opposite of what I was born with.”

Shay Mitchell / Instagram

Eventually, Mitchell found her confidence though, and after peppering in her own beauty secrets, the actress has even been signed to some pretty lucrative beauty contracts. Mitchell’s secret to having silky, luscious hair? Some coconut oil and avoiding exposure to too much heat. Mitchell, who has dyed her hair in the past, explained that “it’s about air-drying as much as possible…any time I’m not working, I don’t touch my hair. I brush it once when I get out of the shower, and that’s the last time it gets brushed until I get back in my shower or somebody else does it. I don’t touch my hair ever.”

Shay Mitchell / Instagram

And what about her smooth, fresh-looking skin? In an interview with ‘Glamour,’ Mitchell shared that she maintains the same routines that have been touted for fresh skin all along—drink tons of water, get rest, and always take off make-up at the end of the day. Mitchell also shared with ‘Elle’ that while this routine isn’t always easy, especially being the mother to a newborn baby, she instead tries to wear sunscreen “all the time” and exfoliates her skin at least once a week.

Shay Mitchell / Instagram

The final secret to Mitchell’s beauty regimen is that she will indulge every so often in order to keep things fresh and clean. Mitchell doesn’t skimp when it comes to self-care and admits that every-so-often she will indulge in more expensive treatments. According to what she shared with ‘Elle,’ Mitchell enjoys treating herself, which can include going to the spa, receiving a facial, and enjoying a detoxifying lymphatic massage. All of those things and more can add up to beautiful skin, radiant hair, and wellness all around.

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