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Is Adrianne Curry Crying Wolf With 'America's Next Top Model' Slam?

Gettyimages | Frederick M. Brown
By Desmund Ullrich

Tyra Banks has made her way back to our small screens with her latest venture, 'ModelLand', which promises to be an experience unlike any other. In particular, Banks promises that the attraction will be 'a place where everyone can live their fashion fantasy.'

And though the 'America's Next Top Model' creator is known for making fashion fantasies come true, those who were diehard fans of the show know that Banks would always make that happen for her contestants. Sometimes she would do it in spite of their wishes.

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Curry Claims She Got Nothing Out Of The Show

Giphy | America's Next Top Model

Though Banks had her 'diva' moments, she was said to have always had the best intentions. However, season one winner of 'America's Next Top Model', Adrianne Curry, recently came forward about the harsh realities of the beloved Banks and the show.

Out of the left-field, in a series of tweets that have since been deleted, Curry began to bash 'ANTM', Banks, the show producers, and affiliates with some strong allegations. 'We were led to believe daily the winner would be instantly rich and a huge Revlon cover girl. This was a lie. They added recordings to what was said after the fact,' Curry revealed.

Adrianne Curry Didn't Get Revlon, But She Did Have A Big Spotlight

Instagram | Adrianne Curry

Curry may not have had the Revlon campaign that she wanted but she did get a chance to model for them and some very well known brands of the early 2000s including Von Dutch, Macy's, Famous Stars and Straps, Lucky, and Ed Hardy. In her post, however, she does not credit any of this success to 'ANTM' or Banks.

'I wasn’t waiting for Tyra to do all the work for me. I was waiting for what I was promised every single day for 2 months as I was locked away filming a show and competing. I was waiting for help to break from the agency they pissed off and refused to work w/me because of it. I was stuck in a contract w/people who wanted me to fail, never got paid….it was a s—t show!!! Its like winning the lotto, doing the press, holding that big check up for the cameras AND NEVER GETTING A DIME!'

Curry's Fifteen Minutes Lasted A Decade

My Fair Brady
Gettyimages | Rebecca Sapp

Though her posts didn't credit 'America's Next Top Model', Curry went on to be a serial reality star with permanent stints on shows such as 'The Surreal Life', 'My Fair Brady', and 'Gimme My Reality Show!' She also made her way into multiple Playboy spreads.

It's hard to believe that 'America's Next Top Model' would get away with not meeting any contractual obligations and as Curry's post revealed she received all the dues which were promised, even though they may not have been up to her standards.

Then, Curry Reneged On Her Previous Comments

Adrianne Curry
Instagram | Adrianne Curry

In her latest post, Adrianne Curry blamed her series of rants on 'quarantine boredom' rather than true animosity. On Tuesday, she took to social media to speak on the fallout and wash her hands of the mess.

'People are bored in #quarantine and have been rewatching season 1 of #americasnexttopmodel …they asked the same ole questions and I answered,' were Curry's final words.

'I still have a blog on my website with the same s—t on it if you guys wanna go read it from 80 years ago. Otherwise….back to my #montana version of #hakunamatata.'

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