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Ashley Mattingly poses in a black bikini on a matching black sofa.

Ashley Mattingly: Troubled Playmate Shared Disturbing Posts Before Committing Suicide

Ashley Mattingly | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Ashley Mattingly, a former Playboy Playmate, took her own life last Wednesday. The magazine's 'Miss March' had moved from California to Texas in recent years. Her family said it wasn't a smooth transition.

Mattingly continued to battle alcohol addiction behind closed doors while chronicling a seemingly happy life on Instagram - her eerie final update, though, took on a much darker tone.

The now-late model sent a concerning message from a hospital bed just two days ahead of her April 15th death.

"I don't have COVID-19, but..."

A screenshot of Ashley Mattingly's final social media update from a hospital.
Ashley Mattingly | Instagram

"I am sick from alcohol," Mattingly muttered with an oxygen tube connected. She opted to pair her green-patterned hospital gown with an upbeat animal filter, which made most of the clip's audio hard to understand - but she did fess up to her recent actions in the caption:

"I’m not quarantined I took bad advice and drank too much which I vometed a lot of blood 🩸 please slow down on the drinking ! U won’t be able to get into a hospital ! I’m lucky!" - Ashley Mattingly, April 13th


Ashley Mattingly shows off her white bikini top, sipping a drink on a yacht during a sunset asil.
Ashley Mattingly | Instagram

The 33-year-old had a habit of posting screenshots from the Notes app on her iPhone. One particular string of these came in early February. Given the circumstances, these ones are especially tragic:

“I Ashley Mattingly is not going down as you’re drunk playboy playmate! Remember this!" The February 6th post has acted as home to a flood of comments from friends and fans alike since news of her death broke last night.

And if that isn't enough: The day prior, Mattingly shared an italicized one-liner: "DEATH ISN'T FUNNY!"

"Your disgusting I'll see you in court !"

Ashley Mattingly takes mirror pic in her hotel robe.
Ashley Mattingly | Instagram

Mattingly frequently exposed a Laguna Beach realtor who she claims did her wrong.

"This is Peter Isklander!" Mattingly wrote in May 2018, publicly sharing his phone number from her iPhone contacts. She warned that he "steals money" but "acts very kind."

The rage continued when Mattingly posted a Facebook Messenger conversation with Isklander while including his address in the caption.

"Your disgusting I'll see you in court !" the then-private message read. She also accused him of "going into hiding with [her] money."

It's unclear how this resolved (if it even did), but Mattingly's account is still following Isklander's.

"We have guns!"

Ashley Mattingly, a private pilot-in-training, poses with the propellor of its attached, small aircraft.
Ashley Mattingly | Instagram

Sadly, these instances were not uncommon for Mattingly. Another musing from her Notes app (posted in late January) strongly informed followers that she was not looking to host guests.

"DO NOT COME TO MY HOUSE!" The all-caps title was followed by a strange list. "Unaware. We have guns. Ashley mattingly. Leave my dog alone !"

While most of Mattingly's other pro-gun posts received praise, this one racked in a total of three likes - and to make it clear she wasn't kidding about gun ownership, Mattingly's very next post showed her French tip-manicured hands grasping a matte black SIG Sauer pistol.

Overall, though: The animal lover's feed was mostly filled with pictures of dogs and her adventures in aviation, as Mattingly received her student pilot's license less than two years ago.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to start an online chat or call 1-800-273-8255.

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