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Chelsea Houska poses for a photo

Chelsea Houska Stuns In Braless Babydoll Tank For Bombshell Photo

Chelsea Houska/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Chelsea Houska looked absolutely stunning on Tuesday, appearing in a new Instagram photo shared by the Lauribelles clothing brand she both influences for and has a collaboration with. The "Teen Mom 2" star managed to pull off being a total bombshell in a Kelly Green Babydoll Cami Tank that retails for $32 – merch from the MTV face is so popular, it can sell out the day it restocks.

Chelsea might have been told she "thinks she's Kim Kardashian" as hurtful trolls destroyed a photo of her in sweatpants and perusing denim jackets recently, but nobody was slamming the redhead in this shot.

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'Everyone Will be GREEN With Envy'

Chelsea Houska poses in selfie mode wearing denim
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Keep scrolling for the shot, plus more of Chelsea. The snap showed the mom of three looking drop-dead gorgeous as she posed with closed eyes and those thick lashes on show – Chelsea was modeling the Ginnie Babydoll Cami Tank that's got its full photoshoot here. Also rocking the distressed jeans that are her trademark, Chelsea showed off a plunging neckline, a braless finish, and both her curves and her killer post-baby body.

A caption read: "Everyone will be GREEN with envy when you show up in this! @chelseahouska."

'Ughhh, She So Pretty' – Fans Already Green With Envy

Chelsea Houska poses with Aubree by a lake
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Replies came in quickly for this update. Users seemed familiar with the star's famous weekend "try-on hauls" – Chelsea recently had to switch to doing these in her bedroom on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, nonetheless managing to deliver stunning looks, plus a slouchy sweatpants one that asked: "Can I get an amen?"

"Uggghhh!!! She's so pretty," one fan wrote.

"When will @chelseahouska do any other try-on session? I love seeing them!" another said.

"You're so beautiful @chelseahouska I love you!" a third added.

Collabs Galore, Side Gigs Earning Her Cash

Chelsea Houska poses in a beanie
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Chelsea has a lot more than just the "Teen Mom 2" show she stars on. 2019 saw the star launch her collaboration with baby and child retailer Itzy Ritzy – together with 2016-married husband Cole DeBoer, Chelsea also has a collection with eyewear brand DIFF. That's without her Lauribelles collections – "guacamole poop" was all Chelsea could say earlier this year when the camo cowls sold out on restock day.

Chelsea is also the celebrity face of weight loss brand Profile Sanford, alongside influencing in paid partnerships for HomeChef.

Swears By This Weight-Loss Method

Chelsea Houska poses with Cole DeBoer
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Speaking to Profile Sanford, Chelsea said:

“I had my daughter very young and I felt fine. I wasn’t caring about what I ate or trying to eat healthy and I ended up gaining a lot of weight, which resulted in me having a rough time toward the end of pregnancy."

“Once you get through the first couple weeks, it’s easy,” Chelsea continued, stating:Now it’s instilled in my choices. It’s not like I choose a bowl of pasta now. I always choose the healthier option. It’s habit.”

A melt-worthy video of kids Watson and Layne having a cuddle (and a kiss) recently made headlines for hitting 1 million views on Chelsea's Instagram.

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