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‘Botched’ Doctors Fix Patient’s ‘Elephant Trunk’ Breast

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By Jeff Mazzeo

The latest episode of “Botched” featured a boob job gone wrong and patient Heather came to Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to see if the can put her droopy chest back together properly.

“I call it an elephant trunk,” the patient's supportive friend told the "Botched" cameras.

Heather is a recent divorcee who removed her implants in the past to please her husband. Now that she dropped all his weight, she wanted to add a little weight back to her top but things went horribly wrong.

"You got a complex situation,” Dr. Nassif said. “This is the worst I’ve ever seen.”

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'Animation Deformity'

E! Entertainment

Dubrow explained that Heather suffered a complication immediately but it went unnoticed by the surgeon. The complication was very severe and never fully healed.

"Heather has a phenomenon called 'Animation Deformity,'” Dr. Dubrow said. "That means that the muscle overlying the breast implant has abnormally attached to the overlying breast tissue so that when you flex that muscle, it distorts the appearance of the breast."

The surgery was not an easy one but the doctor said the muscle "wasn’t released properly" and the crazy complication could have been avoided with 15 minutes of proper care when she originally went under the knife. Luckily, for Heather, many of the potential problems Dr. Dubrow thought she had turned out to be the result of the one muscle issue. The operation became much easier after the muscle was treated properly and Dubrow said that she didn't have any serious health problems but rather just a really botched surgery.

Back To Rack

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Needless to say, Heather was thrilled after Dubrow worked his magic. The man has a way with breasts, to say the least. She was overjoyed at the result and relieved to hear that her problem wasn't as bad as they originally thought.

"I could cry right now like they’re the prettiest boobs ever!” Heather declared after the successful surgery.

Her supportive friend was also thrilled with the result and asked Heather to whip them back out to get another look after the big reveal. The hot mom is ready to get back into the dating game but the best thing is that Heather can ride horses again without pain. Saddle up, Heather!

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