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Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Answers 73 Questions from Fans During Quarantine

Instagram @Gal_gadot
By Jacob Highley

Gal Gadot recently told 'Vogue' in an interview that she prefers Israel over Los Angeles, CA. There are several key reasons for this, and we're going to cover all of them.

Fans have been in a state of disarray after Gal's video featuring numerous celebrities turned out to be an epic flop. Fans didn't receive it well and this new interview has been very good recovery publicity.

Although some have argued that these interviews are less relevant due to the social distancing in place, we think it is really cool that an interview with Vogue was even possible.

Gal Helping Israel

Gal Gadot and Friend
Instagram @Gal_Gadot

Gal joined the 'Israeli National Council for children in an attempt to help struggling children impacted by the Corona virus. This was received with a massively positive reception from fans.

Alas, we don't speak the language, but as several people pointed out, this is clearly something to get behind! Also, we love what she's done to her skin, so beautiful!

'Even i ain't understand what u a talking about, i know u a right 😹❤' - abdullayev.bro (Commenter)

'here's one reason why I love gal gadot' - dxrkhddlstnz (Commenter)

Wonder Woman Set For A Huge Premier

Gal Gadot and friend
Instagram @Gal_Gadot

The second movie in the 'Wonder Woman' series is set to debut soon. Although it was delayed due to the quarantines in place, DC is expected to premier the movie later this year.

The trailer had fans reeling with excitement. They brought back the original main cast and the plot is supposed to be exceptional.

We hope things ease up soon, we absolutely can't wait to sees the new movie. Plus, Gal says 'Diana' (A.K.A Wonder Woman) is a different person in the new movie.

Gal Gives Inside Look Into Wonder Woman 2

gal gadot and drink
Instagram @Gal_Gadot

After so much heartache and pain in the first movie, Diana has become a much more jaded superhero, less trustful and more closed off. After losing her first love to the war, Gal finds herself struggling to carry on.

This is going to be a very interesting take on what is considered one of the most bright DC characters. Granted she takes war like it's a part of her religion, but she is still a person, and war is tough on everyone.

Gal Is Loved By Fans

Gal Gadot
Gettyimages | Miguel Schincariol

Fans regularly post updates on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms about Gal. Her acting career and modeling have made her a celebrity icon.

While we are all waiting for the world to get back to normal, fans continue to await the next Wonder Woman movie and discuss their favorite actresses in detail.

We've seen posts comparing the beauty of different actresses, to more personal posts with people sharing how they are totally crushing on Gal. We understand!

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