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Stephanie and Erika

What to Expect on Tonight's '90 Day Fiance'

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By A. Elise

The next episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the Days titled "Should've Known Better" will feature some major changes in the relationships of some of the cast members.

First, Avery will learn more about Ash's professional relationships. Avery wonders if she can trust her Australian beau when she gets a strange feeling about his so-called client relationships as a dating coach who works mainly with women. She also learns he sends a lot of flowers and text messages to his clients. Is he trustworthy?

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Lisa Hamme
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Next, Baby Girl Lisa and Usman will discuss their future with Usman's family.

It is no secret to viewers that Usman's mother, who is Nigerian, does not approve of him falling in love with an older white woman from America. Usman's mother simply does not trust Lisa, and the goat that Lisa has brought to his family may not be enough to convince them that she is the best choice to become Usman's wife. Will the two end up getting married? Will going to the mosque with the family prove their love?

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Then, Stephanie will meet with some of Erica's friends. Things do not go well for the couple, and this is par for the course with them. An argument breaks out when Stephanie realizes that Erika has had intimate relationships with many of her friends. Erika brushes this off as not a big deal, but this only exacerbates the trust and intimacy issues Stephanie has been dealing with.

It is clear that this couple has a lot of problems, and many viewers are suspicious as to whether they are a "real" couple.

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David will still search for his illusive love, Lana. Is he ever going to meet her in person, or is there something more sinister happening?

Then, Yolanda will update her daughter, Karra, on the information she has found about "British" boyfriend Williams. She will tell Karra about the blackmail email she received telling her that they had nude photos of her. Will she come to terms with the fact that Williams appears to be a scammer? Is she still going to travel to England?

Darcey and Stacey Silva
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Geoffrey will get to know girlfriend Varya's mom. How will Geoffrey explain his criminal behavior to the mother of his new girlfriend? Will this impact Varya's desire to be with him? Viewers have a lot more questions than answers about his upcoming segment.

Finally, Darcey will focus on her future and say goodbye to Tom for good. Of course, this does not come without a serious breakdown and some more tears. What is in store for Darcey's future? Will she ever find her real Prince Charming?

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