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James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss at a party

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Leviss Reveals She And James Kennedy Are Talking Marriage

Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi
By Kay Lewis

Raquel Leviss is letting all the wedding fever on "Vanderpump Rules" get to her. The model and SURver is talking weddings exclusively with “” and it looks like she is hoping the next Vanderpump wedding will be hers and James Kennedy. “We’ve been talking about engagement for a long time,” shared Leviss who has been dating Kennedy for several years now has put up with a lot from the DJ including cheating rumors that began way back in season 5.

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James Has Changed For The Better

Kennedy and Leviss posing for a selfie
@raquelleviss Instagram

This season has shown fans a different side of Kennedy. He is currently 2 weeks sober (show timeline) but in real life he is 8 months sober and killing it. If this wasn’t proof enough that he is trying to make a change in his life, then the fact that he is the one bringing up marriage to Leviss should be. “He’s mentioned it to me several times and I told him I would tell him when I’m ready. I see it in the future.” Leviss has always stuck by Kennedy’s side even when he was embarrassing her to extreme lengths.

Their Relastionship Has It's Errors

Leviss and Kennedy taking a slefie
@raquelleviss Instagram

So far this season, Kennedy has left a degrading and humiliating voicemail on Leviss’ phone when she didn’t show up to one of his DJ sets. The voicemail spread like wildfire amongst the group and even Lisa Vanderpump got wind of it. Thankfully, the couple is past that and trying to live as normal a life as possible while being on a reality TV show. Leviss shares that while she isn’t ready for marriage yet, she isn’t counting it out totally like co-star Ariana Maddix.

Leviss Isn't Ready For Marriage Just Yet

Leviss at an event
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“It’s not that I’m not ready. I would love to have my parents’ approval on it. We’ve been together for a long time. My parents have seen all the sides of James as well, so my parents are super supportive of our relationship now, it’s just making sure I have their approval before I make the next step.” For someone that Lala Kent continuously calls “dumb” and “Bambi-eyed” she sure is thinking with a level head. The couple have made good use of their time in quarantine.

They Are Making The Most Of Their Quarantine

Leviss modeling a wedding gown
@raquelleviss Instagram

Leviss recently shared a video of her and Kennedy’s apartment and some of the changes they have made since they were forced into lockdown. She also gave an update on Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s upcoming nuptials. News flash, she doesn’t think it will be happening anytime soon which most of us could guess. “I haven’t heard anything. I would be surprised if it is, honestly, but I haven’t heard anything and I don’t think I’m invited to that wedding,” said Leviss.

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