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Demi Lovato Reveals How She Got Jamie Foxx And Jay-Z Involved In Her ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Video

Gettyimages | Mike Pont
By Marisa Roman

While it might seem like an odd pairing musically, Demi Lovato and Jamie Foxx have a history together—and it’s not what you think. While Lovato has been on a roll lately releasing some spectacular new music, including her chilling ballad ‘Anyone,’ her new positivity anthem ‘I Love Me,’ and the smash with Sam Smith ‘I’m Ready,’ she went back in time to reveal some information about her previous hit ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’ In a recent interview with ‘Harper’s Bazaar,’ Lovato explained how both Foxx and Jay-Z were involved.

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Demi Lovato / Instagram

‘Sorry Not Sorry’ was the very first single off Lovato’s album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ which was released back in 2017. The single was an immediate hit, and even went platinum because of the catchy lyrics and the fun-filled music video. Lovato told ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ how the concept for the singe came about and it involves none-other-than heavy-hitter Jay-Z. Lovato explained that it was Jay-Z himself who chose the very first single from the album. She said, “I played him my first two contenders for my first single. It was ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and ‘Tell Me You Love Me,’ and I didn’t know which one to go with.”

Demi Lovato / Instagram (Alexi Lubomirski)

Lovato continued on, saying, “And he was like, ‘You know what, when I hear this song I think of you. I think I saw a video of you online at your house having a party and you looked like you were having so much fun. Everything with your music has always been so heavy.’ He’s like, ‘Why don’t you make the music video really fun too?’” Apparently, both Jay-Z and Beyoncé are huge Lovato supporters, with Jay-Z in attendance to watch her sing the national anthem during this year’s Super Bowl.

Demi Lovato / Instagram

But beyond Jay-Z helping conceptualize the music video, there were some other big names within the video, too. Lovato explained to the magazine, “I just went through my phone book and texted some people to see if they wanted to be in the video. And Wiz [Khalifa] is a good friend of mine, Paris [Hilton] I’ve known since I was like 15. So it was dope. And then Jamie [Foxx] I knew through a mutual friend.” The music video quickly became a party filled with tons of celeb cameos.

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Lovato went on to detail a funny moment from the music video that involved Hilton. She shared, “It was hilarious because Paris Hilton did bring, I think it was like 11 or 12 suitcases full of clothes just to make a cameo in my music video. And I didn’t even bring that many clothes to pick [from]. And it was just funny because I think there was one point in the night where I was like, ‘How is your outfit more glamorous than mine?'”

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