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Olivia Culpo

'Miss Universe' Olivia Culpo Wears Revealing Purple Bikini On Instagram In Throwback Pic

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac
By Jacob Highley

Olivia Culpo, 'Miss USA' and 'Miss Universe' winner absolutely smashed it this week with a fabulous throwback clip of her playing with her baby nephew while showing off a stunning purple two-piece swimsuit.

'Hot' would be an understatement here. Her hair, physique, and skin tone are simply ravishing!

Along with posting this throwback clips, statments about her family, and updates with her new boyfriend, Olivia also spoiled readers with even more fabulous shots showing off sexy outfits in various exotic locations!

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Olivia Infatuated With Boyfriend

Olivia Culpo
Instagram @OliviaCulpo

Although some of her previous relationships haven't ended as positively as she hoped, Culpo is optimistic about her new boyfriend and her. She regularly posts about him and her family on her social media.

While staying home during quarantine, she has been feeling nostalgic and shared some of her favorite modeling moments. One such photo shoot was so captivating that she says it has inspired her to work out some more.

We aren't sure how you go from beautiful to Goddess, but Olivia knows how to do just that!

Olivia's Regularly Featured As A Model

Olivia Culpo
Instagram @OliviaCulpo

Some might argue that a model's biggest asset is their chest, or perhaps their hips, but no ladies and gentlemen it is actually their entire body. Yes, indeed it has been proven that if you have an irresistible body you are sure to be featured on the cover of a magazine.

We are of course joking here...

Olivia is simply beautiful and we haven't found a single flaw in her pictures. As mentioned before, her skin tone is practically perfect, and her body dimension looks like someone molded her that way.

Culpo Spending Time With Fam

Olivia Culpo
Instagram @OliviaCulpo

Since Culpo has been staying home in quarantine with family, several updates included funny videos with Olivia doing skits, taking group photos, and cooking.

Fans loved every moment and shared how much they loved seeing her family more. Especially photos or clips of her baby nephew!

'Hahahahahah this was actually really entertaining to watch' - violetbenson (Commenter)

'I just cried laughing 😂😂😂' - justtnic (Commenter)

'This is the content we need!😍' - annaguanchemd (Commenter)

'He is so adorable!! Stay safe and healthy everyone!🙏🙏🙏' - azzamdbeauty (Commenter)

Olivia Culpo Getting Lots Of Love From Fans

Olivia Culpo
Gettyimages | Vittorio Zunino Celotto

It seems like every update from Olivia is pure gold. She posted a few more shots of her and her boyfriend chilling in their backyard while she showed off another mega-attractive top.

She captioned the photo, 'Happy Place'. We tend to agree with that statement!

Fans loved every shot and left comments about the couple.

'Lucky son of a gun !!!' - elerivgigdig (Comenter)

'Love you two together ❤️' - mellisa_hawes (Commenter)

'❤️Bet he thinks the same 🙏' - balifootballacademy2019 (Commenter)

'everything you need for happiness💞💞💞💞' - by_like_star (Commenter)

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