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The Brown family

Kody Brown Says 'Sister Wives' Producers May Manipulate Him

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By A. Elise

Sister Wives has been making waves in recent weeks for its portrayal of family patriarch Kody Brown. In the last few episodes, viewers have seen Kody at odds with wives Christine, Meri, and Robyn.

The fact that Kody has been portrayed so poorly brings many people to wonder if the show is scripted this way. Could the drama all be manufactured? Is anybody scripted? Recently, Kody explained some behind-the-scenes info on Twitter about how he feels the show is put together.

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Janelle, Kody, and Christine Brown
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In the season 14 finale of the show, which aired last Sunday, daughter Maddie Brown Bush welcomes her second child, a daughter. Wives Janelle and Christine accompanied Kody on a trip to witness and help with the birth in North Carolina.

Kody has been very open about Maddie's labor and delivery, as well as the health issues his first granddaughter faced. He mentioned some of the shocking parts of the episode. Of course, his Twitter followers had a lot of other questions for him as well.

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Twitter user @HeatherMBeal tweeted at Kody saying, "So thankful Maddie is sharing her pregnancy because we are all dead dog tired of the house buying/selling drama. Ugh . . ." The user was certainly expressing a sentiment that many Sister Wives viewers have been feeling lately. Nearly every episode this season featured at least one of the wives moving or thinking about moving.

In response, Kody dropped, "We are not scripted . . . maybe I'm manipulated . . . hmmm?"

The Brown family
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Kody also added to his tweet, "We show the S/;# that is happening to us, even sometimes when it is boring" [sic]. Essentially, he is acknowledging that he knows people may be tired of the real estate story lines, but this is what is happening in his life.

Not everybody was buying the idea that Kody was manipulated by producers to the extent it appeared. For example, some people were critical of statements Kody had made on camera about two of his wives.

The Brown family
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Twitter users have also criticized Kody for treating his wives differently, and they are not buying the "manipulation" excuse. In the season, Kody has been seen not knowing about the wishes of some of his 18 children. He was also seen criticizing Meri in front of the other wives and telling the children that Christine was the reason why they couldn't all live in one big house together.

No matter how manipulates Kody says production is, there are many viewers who don't believe it.

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