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T.I. And Tiny Harris' Daughter Zonnique Says Her 4-Year-Old Sister Wants Them To Have Another Baby

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By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

The new season of 'T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle' premiered on VH1 on Monday. The cast members remained the same with T.I. and his wife Tiny, Monica, Toya Wright and Red, and Letoya Luckett and her husband Tommicus Walker.

T.I. and Tiny's youngest child is their 4-year-old daughter Heiress but she may not be the last child they decide to have. According to their daughter Zonnique, Heiress says that she is always asking about the possibility of another sibling.

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“I’m hoping that they don’t have any more,” Zonnique said to Hollywood Life. “My mom, I don’t know what it is about her but she’s always had baby fever randomly. So, you know it’s possible. But I’m really hoping that Heiress is our last sibling coming from our parents.”

“Heiress wants a sibling though, she has been saying that,” Zonnique continued. “She has been saying she wants a baby, because babies are so cute. She shows my mom videos of babies and says she wants one because they’re just so cute. So, she may get my mom to have another baby, you never know.”

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Heiress may want another sibling now, especially during these times in the world. People have so much free time as they're encouraged to stay home as much as possible due to the coronavirus pandemic along with social distancing when they do go outside. Zonnique also discussed what family life is like in the Harris household while in the midst of these circumstances.

“I feel like her and my pops are definitely the ones that are not handling it well. My mom has had guests over every day. She’s like ‘I’m not leaving the house’, but she has all types of people coming in to play games with her. "

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"And my pops is going to the studio every day, so I’m just like, maybe I should just go outside because they’re not giving good examples.

Major is Zonnique's 11-year-old brother and the quarantine has definitely taken a toll on him as well. He's at the point where he simply just wants to stay home.

“Major doesn’t even want to go to my mom’s house because he told my grandma that she has too many people over. He doesn’t want to leave the house,”

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

Zonnique added that she's been holding up well though, while giving credit to Heiress. Heiress has been putting her on to TikTok dances, particular the Savage Challenge dance created by Keara Wilson which is done while Megan Thee Stallion's new hit single "Savage" is playing.

“I think the cutest thing that she’s done this week would definitely be teaching me the ‘Savage’ dance. “She’s been teaching everybody Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage Dance, and she calls me every morning now on my mom’s phone. She called me early in the morning on FaceTime and asked if I can come see her. She’s a TikTok head.”

Tiny revealed that her relationship with T.I. is so strong right now that it feels as if they first met way back in the day. Having another child would not be a surprise should the two choose to make that happen in 2020. Friends and Family Hustle airs at 9pm every Monday on VH1.

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