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Salma Hayek Needs Some Ducking Advice After Egg Is Laid In Garden

Salma Hayek / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Salma Hayek is pulling a Tony Soprano, as she has become obsessed with a pair of ducks who visit her home garden, and now the star is worried over an egg one of the birds left behind.

The "From Dusk Till Dawn" star has been sharing with fans how she's getting along during the global quarantine, including baking and reminiscing about the good ol' times. On Friday, Hayek showed off a little present she was left by some ducks who regularly visit her garden ... but now she's all quacked up over what to do with a little present that was left behind.

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No Egg Left Behind

Salma Hayek / Instagram

"I need some advice. There is a couple of ducks that hang out in my garden. Today she laid one egg and then they walked away," Hayek explained on Instagram.

She wanted to know from fans: " How can i save the future baby."

The "Desperado" star admitted that the weather in L.A. was cold on Friday, and wanted to know:

"Do I take the egg inside and keep it warm or do I wait for them to come back. They’ve been gone for half an hour."

Fans Suggest She Eat It

Salma Hayek / Instagram

Desparate times call for desperate measures, and it seems some of Salma Hayek's fans think she was left a little breakfast surprise by the ducks.

"Come on. Eat the egg. The duck will make another one so soon," one fan begged.

Others echoed the sentiment, even suggesting how the start should prepare the delicacy. However, others intervened and told her not to eat the egg, as the ducks would probably be returning for their baby.

One fan even suggested eating the egg could have paranormal consequences:

"if you eat the egg the embryo’s ghost 👻 will get you at night when you sleep."

Let It Be

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Many "experts" on Salma Hayek's IG feed suggested that the best thing she do is leave the egg alone and let nature do work.

"Let nature take its course. Do not interfere, otherwise it might have unexpected results for the baby duck. Just let it be.... cheers and good luck!"

Others had faith that mama bird would be back for the baby, and that touching the egg could possibly cause the birds to disassociate with their kin.

"I wld say wait.. I think if you touch the egg they might abandon it."

We'll have to wait and see what Hayek decides, as she has promised to update fans on one of the most nail-biting stories yet to come out of the quarantine.

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