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50 Cent Addresses the Love Lost Over His Son

Gettyimages | BERTRAND LANGLOIS - 50 Cen
By Imani Ford

It has always been public knowledge that 50 Cent and his son Marquise Jackson have had a strenuous relationship. 50 Cent has publicly disowned his son many years ago but recently he got more candid about where their relationship stands as of now. 50 made an appearance Tuesday night on XXL’s Instagram to discuss his newly released book “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter.” During this interview, Van Lathan asked him about his relationship with Marquise and his answers are sad to hear.

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He Had Everything I didn’t Have

Gettyimages | Mike Pont - Marquise Jackson

“When you pray for success, you don’t necessarily pray for the things that come with it. It’s no such thing as success without jealousy without envy or entitlement.” 50 then goes on to explain that he gave Marquise everything that he didn’t have, implying that his son is ungrateful because he gave him financial stability that he never had growing up. 50 claims that he would pay over 1$ million in child support and that he felt that Marquise still wasn’t grateful.

His Mom was Entitled Too

Gettyimages | Rich Fury - 50 Cent

As the interview continued to go on, 50 Cent gave an example of his son’s entitlement and even claims that Marquise’s mom is the same way. “His mom developed an entitlement that cannot be met, filtering that energy through his actual interests,” 50 says. For example, one time when Marquise wanted a pair of shoes, his mom ended up getting them for him but being resentful because she felt that he deserved more. “While being a privileged child, he feels deprived,” 50 says.

50 Cent Used to Love his Son

Gettyimages | Mat Szwajkos - 50 Cent and His Son

When asked if he loved his son Marquise, 50 responded with “I used to. I didn’t think that success would cost me my firstborn but it’s the situation it is. My grandfather used to say, ‘If it rattles like a snake and slithers like a snake, is it a snake or do you need to be bit?’” This is not the first time he has been public of his dislike for his son. A few weeks ago, he said that he would choose 6ix9ine over his son.

Marquise Responds


After 50 commented about 6ix9ine, Marquise jumped on Instagram to respond. “I just woke up. I had a long day on the Gram yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to hop in the most gangsta live ever.” He then plays the clip of 50 saying he would claim 69 over him. “Did he just say he would claim a rat?” Marquise asks. “I don’t want no part of that cheese y’all eating over there big fella.” Marquise has yet to respond to his father’s most recent interview.

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