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Vivica A. Fox Insinuates that Nene Leakes May Be on Drugs

Nene Leakes
By Imani Ford

In a recent episode of the series “Out Loud with Claudia Jordan”, the cast decided to discuss a recent video posted by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Nene Leakes and let’s just say the cast members didn’t hold anything back. “Out Loud with Claudia Jordan” host members have never been shy in expressing how they feel on numerous topics. Last week, this show was trending after making comments about Kim Kardashian's surgeries. They claimed that Kim is like the trailblazer of building exaggerated bodies.

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Nene’s Live Video

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin - Nene Leakes

During a recent live, Nene admitted that after the 12th season of RHOA wrapped, she knew that she wanted to seek therapy. “I’m seeking a therapist. I’ve had a phone call with the therapist. We haven’t seen each other in person because we can’t, because of quarantine. I felt very traumatized. I think a lot of times, people see the tough exterior and they don’t know that you hurt inside sometimes like everybody else.” After viewing this live, Vivica A. Fox quickly questioned Nene’s actions.

Should We Commend Nene?

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett - Claudia Jordan

Nene became a topic of discussion after Claudia asked if people should commend Nene for opening up about her seeking therapy? “I do think that mental health awareness is key. I think that we all should be excited about mental health,” Sylneena Johnson sarcastically explained. Things took a weird turn when Fox chimed in on the matter. “Sometimes I’m just like, ‘what is really going on?’ Let’s talk about it for a second, honey. I just wanted to know did you see a little, um um” Fox asks.

Fox Insinuates that Nene is on Drugs

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez - LisaRaye

Fox swipes a finger under her nose, insinuating that Nene might have done cocaine. “I just thought it’s a whole lot of adrenaline and stuff going on, so it must be another level of something.” Jordan than responds by saying “you mean when it gets sweaty right there [under nose].” LisaRaye then chimed in asking “It was what right there?” You can tell most of the cast members were catching Fox’s drift, but the conversation took an even messier turn as Fox continued to question Nene’s actions in the video.

What is Nene Going to Therapy For?

Gettyimages | Astrid Stawiarz - Vivica A. Fox

Jordan then insinuates that maybe Nene is going to rehab instead of actual therapy. “Is she getting help from a therapist, or she’s going to dry out?" Jordan asks. Fox responds by saying “I definitely think that mentally something is going on. You can only spit out that much venom and after a while, it doesn’t affect you in a negative way.” At this moment, Nene has yet to respond to these crazy accusations, but her fans know that she has never been shy of confronting anyone.

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