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Halle Berry

Halle Berry Wears Nothing But A Pillow For Instagram Challenge!

Instagram @halleberry
By Jacob Highley

Halle Berry, the supermodel actress and celebrity legend, posts something on Instagram that very few expected. It isn't uncommon for Halle to be seen with more revealing clothing (or none at all) it is quite unheard of to think that celebrities would start wearing nothing but a pillow!

Halle joins the Instagram trend posting a picture of herself with some black shades and hat along with a big black pillow.

Currently, this trend has hundreds of thousands of people getting in on the fun and there's no way to tell just how many will get in on it at this rate.

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Halle Berry Bored At Home

woman bored
Unsplash | Joshua Rawson-Harris

Since she, along with practically everyone at this point is stuck at home in self-isolation, the rise in 'I'm waiting to do literally anything' kind of posts has been astronomical.

Because it's not like we're stuck at home waiting to see friends face to face or something... (quietly sobs)

In all seriousness, she may be bored, but she's been actively posting work out pics, status updates, and getting in on trends when she can. Halle is a social warrior in our book!

Halle Shares Funny Vids


Along with being a hot topic nearly every week, Halle has also taken to sharing adorable and or funny videos on her social media accounts. In most cases, she shares funny things on her Twitter.

One of the latest featured a dog that chased two bares twice its size off the property... yes, really.

We aren't sure what prompted these bears to visit, but that small dog simply wasn't having it! Running at both of them insulting their ancestors and screaming 'Wrong neighborhood', there is no doubt this pooch was ex-military or something.

Halle Defends Son For Wearing Her Heels

high heels
Unsplash | Mohammad Metri

Apparently, people didn't like seeing her son wearing her heels in a clip she shared. It receives so much controversy that it made headline news and continues to be covered.

She captioned the video with '#Quarantine Day 12' which showed her son struggling to get up the stairs in his mom's high heels. The comment section absolutely blew up with fans either thinking it was adorable, or thinking it was messed up.

'I hope that's a little girl?' - Eutropia (Commenter)

'Please Mrs Halle not u too?? đŸ€ŠđŸŸâ€â™‚ïž' - Just Derty (Commenter)

Halle Berry Moving On

Halle Berry
Wikimedia |

Despite the controversy over letting her son wear footwear that may or may not have been appropriate, Halle is clearly moving past the video.

Along with shooting different selfies and clips, she also posted about how she's keeping in shape. Fans loved seeing such a cool gritty photo of their favorite actress.

Although it is unclear what she has planned next in terms of her next role, we are eager for future updates as this pandemic alleviates. Everyone wants to see some more movies!

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