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Simone Biles

Simone Biles Puts All The Guys To Shame With Her Version Of The 'Impossible Challenge'

Gettyimages | Jamie Squire
By Desmund Ullrich

With everyone locked up and locked away with the aim of social distancing, to halt the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, internet challenges have been a dime a dozen. we have seen the 'Try Not to Laugh Challenge', 'Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge', and so many TikTok dance challenges. Drake dropped the 'Toosie Slide' and Eminem dropped the 'Godzilla Challenge'. One challenge, in particular, keeps on evolving and though no one thought it would take off, the athletically elite are taking it on.

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Tom Holland Did It First But Wasn't As Flawless

Instagram | Simone Biles

We still don't know if the 'Impossible Challenge' is here to stay but the twenty-three-year-old American gymnast, Simone Biles, has modified the challenge to show you what a disciplined body can really do. Not that we really needed her to prove anything since the Olympian and World Champion has a combined thirty medals. She made sure to put her own stamp on the challenge, also known as 'The Handstand Challenge', which first surfaced with Marvel Universe's current Spider-man Tom Holland.

Biles Makes The Handstand Challenge Her Own

Simone Biles
Instagram | Simone Biles

The challenge is to 'simply' put on a shirt while in a yoga handstand position and we've been graced with celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Harrison Osterfield dominating the challenge after being nominated by Tom Holland. As impressive as it is, the gymnast dominates the challenge in three ways.

Simon Biles decided that she doesn't need support or modifications of this challenge, unlike Holland and Gyllenhaal who both used the wall as a support and a jumpoff. Biles places herself in the middle of the room on a training mat.

Biles Takes Off Her Pants Rather Than Her Shirt

Simone Biles
Gettyimages | Mike Ehrmann

While in a 'full' handstand, Biles makes another modification to the already difficult challenge. Instead of putting on a shirt, she decides to take off her pants. Better yet, she only uses her feet and still completes the challenge, which left Tom Holland breathless on the floor, in a little over a minute.

Now the challenge has gained new heights of popularity as gymnasts across the country follow in the footsteps of the idolized gold medalist. The replies to her post alone contain dozens of videos with people completing the challenge.

Some Celebrities Are Staying In Their Lane

Simone Biles
Instagram | Simone Biles

Some celebrity friends have even chimed in on the challenge. Chrissy Teigen replied to the tweet saying, 'Simone I have to lay down and have someone else do it normally'. While Ryan Reynolds responded with the same one-word answer that he did when Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal first nominated him for the challenge, 'No.'

Besides the challenge, Simone Biles has shown off her athleticism and physique in many ways throughout this quarantine season. Though she was set to compete in the Toyko 2020 Olympics it has been postponed until July 2021.

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