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Noah Cyrus poses in a shirt

Miley Cyrus' Little Sister Noah Hangs Upside-Down In Swimsuit & Thigh Boots For Stunning Video

Noah Cyrus/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Noah Cyrus straight-up wowed Instagram last night, taking to the platform with a series of images – plus a video – as she was profiled by tmrw mag. The 20-year-old sister to superstar singer Miley Cyrus was featured by the media outlet in February, having since made headlines for the high-profile release of new track "I GOT SO HIGH THAT I SAW JESUS."

Noah's photoshoot with tmrw included a camo crop top look and a feminine, butterfly-print swimsuit getup with matching boots. It also saw the "July" singer explore the concept of "tomorrow," alongside outlining her inner thoughts.

Explores 'Blank Canvas'

Noah Cyrus posing upside down in a bathing suit
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah's video (seen below) showed her in a mash-up of scenes from the shoot and set in a simple studio with a ladder seen, plus arts and crafts bric-a-brac affording a new-gen finish. The brunette appeared shot both close up and far out, with an eye-catching moment seeing her rocking her monochrome bathing suit and matching thigh boots as she hung upside-down with her long hair cascading down her back.

A sheer bustier look also manifested as Noah narrated the video – tomorrow meant "renewal" and a "blank canvas" to her, alongside Noah saying: "I can be anybody tomorrow."

Baptized In A River & Barely-Clothed In Video

Noah Cyrus poses in a river
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah's video reel comes shortly after she made headlines for releasing "I GOT SO HIGH THAT I SAW JESUS" amid the coronavirus pandemic. The accompanying music video dubbed a "spiritual awakening" for Noah by Rolling Stone sees the singer submerged in river waters while wearing a ripped nude dress, eventually getting baptized.

"This song is not about or for one religion or belief system. Jesus basically represents a greater understanding and knowledge that everything has its purpose and everything will work itself out the way it’s supposed to," she told Rolling Stone.

NSFW Reputation: 'Born And Raised With Christian Beliefs'

Noah Cyrus poses in front of a urinal
Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah is a Christian. She's also a social media face who's known for upping the NSFW ante. 2019 saw the singer make headlines for flipping the bird while exposing her underboob in front of a urinal – the star's closing message of the year came thong-clad, although Noah calling 2019 "hell on earth" also saw her bravely explore her mental health issues. The latter is a standard for the star, with her fans seeming to love the raw and honest approach.

"It will be OK, so long as we are guided by compassion and community. Both are needed more than ever right now. I was born and raised Christian with strong beliefs, and still hold those values," she continued, per Rolling Stone.

Celeb Following Climbs, Career Solidly On The Up

Noah Cyrus/Instagram

Noah's profile in the music world is climbing. 2019 brought "July" and "Lonely," with Noah also performing in both Dubai and London ahead of COVID-19. The singer is also an active influencer on social media, with a following that sits at 5.6 million. Shirt-lifting snaps and late-night undies photos are regular, but so are reminders that Noah is a serious artist.

Noah's celebrity following is also climbing. Her account is kept tabs on by 18-year-old singer Billie Eilish, actress Bella Thorne, plus Justin Bieber's wife Hailey.

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