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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

It Took Time For Brad Pitt To Win Jennifer Aniston's Trust Back

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Joe Allen

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have a lot of history together. The former couple began dating all the way back in 1998, and were eventually married. When they divorced in 2005, it felt like the entire world took sides. Some people were on Brad's team, and some were on Jen's.

In more recent years, though, it's clear that the former couple has developed a warm friendship. That carefully built friendship didn't come easily for either of them, though, and only exists thanks to hard work.

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Brad Pitt on the red carpet
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Reporting suggests that, when Pitt and Aniston got divorced, Aniston was incredibly hurt by the end of the marriage. According to a source that spoke with Entertainment Tonight, their friendship began to mend after Pitt reached out to apologize for their split following his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2016.

"Brad is in such a different place than he was when they were together. Brad is truly an introspective guy who has worked hard on himself," the source said at the time.

Jennifer Aniston giving an interview
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It seems that in recent years, Pitt has been more willing to be honest about what he sees as the failures in their relationship.

"He has apologized to her for many things he felt were his issues in their relationship," the source said. "He truly takes ownership for his mistakes and that has changed their relationship with each other today. They both have moved on." Now, the source said that the two of them are closer than they've been since their marriage.

Brad Pitt on the red carpet
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"Right now they just love and adore each other and have been much closer friends since their divorces," the insider continued. "Brad has grown so much in his life since he and Jen broke up."

In the aftermath of their divorce, Aniston made a number of statements suggesting that Pitt's relationship with Angelina Jolie had hurt her personally. "Brad is not mean-spirited; he would never intentionally try to rub something in my face. But I know Brad. Brad would say, 'That's art!'... There's a sensitivity chip that’s missing," Aniston said in a 2006 interview.

Jennifer Aniston
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Brad also took the rare step of speaking about the marriage in a 2011 interview, saying that he spent much of the 90s trying to hide out and get away from being a full-blown celebrity. Eventually, Pitt said he got bored of the lifestyle, which some thought meant that he thought his marriage to Aniston was boring.

The actor later clarified his comments, saying that he had meant to say that he was bored with himself, and had no one to blame but him.

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