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The gorgeous looking Blac Chyna shines bright in this pink low-cut dress on the red carpet.

Fans Lay Accusations On Blac Chyna Over Toned Skin

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By Favour

Blac Chyna stunned the internet recently, but it was not because fans could not stop gushing over her pictures. Rather, she made a lot of fans and critics surprised today when some photos of her surfaced on the internet. In the snaps, Chyna looked like she had bleached her skin from her head all the way down.

This erupted a lot of speculations on the platform and soon, criticisms crept in. Several fans were disgusted that the television personality had nothing else to do other than bleach her skin.

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Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

It is possible that fans may not have seen this other side of Chyna, if she had not stepped out to run some errands. Although, the pandemic is restricting a lot of people to their homes, fans were happy that the photos surfaced via The Shade Room.

In the comment section of the post, a lot of people aired out their opinions on the issue and they were clearly not having that fact that the mother-of-three had to bleach her skin.

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In the post, Chyna was almost covered from head to two. She had on a sweater, paired with a matching baggy pant and face mask for protection. Although she managed to cover noticeable parts of her body, her face and fingers have her away.

Her face color matched her hand and people could not believe that to be a coincidence. Anyone who has seen past photos of Chyna, knows that she looks way different now, than she used to and fans are worried.

Giphy | TMZ

There are several comments from Chyna’s fans that showed how they felt about her new look.

“She in the house going bleach cream crazy.” One fan commented.

While some fans were worried about Chyna’s face and hands and how she looked skinny, others talked about her weave. The 31-year-old has on a black lace wig that was scattered around her neck and back. Many complained that the edges looked too thin, thereby giving her a completely different look that is not in any way pleasant.

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Is this the first time Chyna has been called out in relation to bleaching? Well no!

In 2018, Chyna was subbed on social media after she announced a partnership with a cream brand named “Whitenicious.” The product is said have the ability to brighten a person’s skin without necessarily bleaching it. After several speculations that Chyna was trying to bleach her skin, she responded to the comments in a 2019 interview.

According to her, while she was in Miami, her skin got darker and that is why people think she is bleaching. Well is she doing that now? Who knows?

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