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Mama June’s Daughter Anna Cardwell Sees More Braless Days In Her Future After Surgery

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By Kay Lewis

By now the news has hit that two of June “Mama June” Shannon’s daughters have undergone over $100,000 worth of surgery. Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon had some glowing up to do and they were assisted by two surgeons. Cardwell got a breast augmentation and her teeth done and her sister Shannon received liposuction after losing almost 100 pounds from a laparoscopic band surgery and got veneers as well. Cardwell has been updating her fans and “” exclusively on her surgery and how she has been adjusting to her new body.

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Now Cardwell is updating fans on how she is adjusting since returning to work. The mom of two shared her work situation with her fans. “I’m a stocker at Walmart. I basically lift up heavy stuff and put it on shelf and reaching from the top shelf.” Cardwell shared that she only took a week off after she returned home form Los Angeles where she and her sister got their procedures done. “I went to work probably a week after being at home. I slept most of the time I was home, because I was off for a little while. Then, I went back to work.”

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@annamarie35 Instagram

She admitted that going back to work after such an intense couple of surgeries was a bit nerve-wracking. “It was weird going back to work. I was scared to go to work, with the scarring, because I still had my tape on, and I still had stitches. I was scared about that. Also, I was scared that something’s going to pop out, but nothing did. I finally took my tape off, probably about a couple of weeks after being home.”

@annamarie35 Instagram

Cardwell has shared that this is only the beginning of her transformation as both she and her sister will be going back to Los Angeles for a few more procedures. The girls have been criticized for not naturally working on their flaws but let’s be honest, working out is doing nothing for women’s breast and Shannon may have gotten a weight loss procedure but there is still personal work involved in that. Cardwell shared that the main reason for her procedures was confidence. “I don’t have confidence in myself. Hopefully this will, you know, get it up there,” said Cardwell.


Cardwell also shared with fans that she plans on doing a lot of things she would have never dreamed of before this includes, new outfits and smiling bigger in pictures. She also mentioned that she is truly excited for a few braless days. “After almost a month of having the surgery, now, I’ll go out wearing no bra. That’s the best part about having this thing. You can’t tell that I have a bra on. I can go to work with no bra on, no problem, go around town with no bra on, no problem.” Amen, sister!

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