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Billie eilish Bikini vacation picks

Billie Eilish Posts Bikini Vacation Photos, Receives Criticism From Fans

Instagram @billieeilish
By Jacob Highley

Billie Eilish has become a pop-culture symbol. She isn't just an artist, she is everything the modern teenager/young adult wants to be, one of the world's most impressive pop-sensations.

At only 18, she has achieved worldwide acclaim for her fashion, connection with her fans, and a music style so unique it continues to beat out veteran artists.

Although her reputation precedes her, haters and 'body-shamers' have been quick to criticize her for her personal appearance. A criticism that has been completely underserved.

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Billie 'Can't Win'

Giphy | Big Brother After Dark

According to Billie, she has told the press that she 'can't win' when it comes to pleasing the masses. If she wears baggy clothing, people say she is ashamed of her body, but if she wears something more revealing, she is called a 'whore'. (These are Billie's words, not ours)

Unlike many artists today that have little to no criticism wearing anything they like, Billie remains an exception because of her age, and because of her clothing preferences.

Comments recently flooded an Instagram post which featured Eilish having a vacation in Hawaii. A vacation where she showed off more skin than usual.

Fans Come To Defend Billie

people hugging
Unsplash | Chermiti Mohamed

While there have been many people criticizing her for what they consider 'double-mindedness', as many if not more fans have risen up to defend Billie for her openness and personal confidence.

Numerous comments were posted from fans saying, 'there is nothing to be shamed about'.

'Enjoy yor life, because it's YOURS. no matter what some poeple think.' - timokirchmann (Commenter)

'leave her alone. You don't like her stop looking' - loui5403 (Commenter)

'You're an awesome person, and fabulous just the way you are!' - kevin.m.thorpe (Commenter)

News Continues To Cover Eilish's Responses

billie eilish
Wikimedia |

Billie has made several remarks about the criticisms she has received, some were posted on her social media, while others have been in concert. A good example of this was when she showed a pre-recorded video of her stripping down to her bra in-concert.

If you haven't had a chance to read about that, you will thoroughly enjoy it. She paired that surprise video with one of the coolest mid-air stunts performed during a concert. Here's the link for you to check out.

'Dazed' Is The Latest Magazine Release From Eilish

billie eilish
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Fans have been super excited to see Billie on the cover of yet another magazine. This time, she featured on 'DAZED' which ironically seemed to have her in a futuristic vehicle social distancing?

The comments filled with thoughts and some clever observations from fans:

'Social distancing even on a magazine cover. We stan.' - jameelajamilofficial (Commenter)

'LIMO RIDES ALONE THIS QUARANTINE 🤣😈' - duchidavinchi (Commenter)

'The lighting looks awsome its awsome' - llllyyyyllllllaaaaa (Commenter)

'mtv spaceships' - lovgirl8 J(Commenter)

'Yo know. I was j thinking and I thought of “when is billie gonna be the 8 music video?"' - gpz.gianna (Commenter)

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