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Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth with son and dog

Joy-Anna Duggar's Coronavirus Video Is Totally Tone-Deaf

Joy Forsyth | Instagram
By A. Elise

'Counting On' star Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and husband Austin appeared in a YouTube video that many have called tone-deaf.

The couple appeared in a video on the Freedomists channel titled "Corona Trivia & Baby Food Challenge." In the video, the couple and two hosts sit next to each other and discuss the answers to questions like "What is the best alternative to toilet paper?"

Joy posted the video on Instagram with the disclaimer, "This was filmed last month and the studio was down to a minimal crew!"

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Joy, Austin, and Gideon Forsyth
Joy Forsyth | Instagram

A statement by Freedomists says, "Our hope is that this video brings some healthy amusement and lightheartedness during this time of uncertainty, isolation, and social distance." In spite of this statement, many people were dismayed by what they saw.

While the video may have been filmed a month ago, many states were already practicing social distancing. Some Instagram users pointed out that Joy and Austin do not have an accurate view of what is happening with coronavirus in other states, especially because they seemingly avoid media like television. This may have led them to have flippantly about the virus, and giggle about a serious issue that as left thousands dead.

Joy and Gideon Forsyth
Joy Forsyth | Instagram

The video begins by establishing the premise. Joy and Austin are competing with the hosts to answer trivia questions about coronavirus. The losers will have to eat baby food.

The first question is, "According to the CDC, what is the best way to prevent spreading the Coronavirus?" Austin and one host raise their hands, and Austin answers, "social distancing." The answer is incorrect.

The host answers, "washing your hands," and is correct. Joy seems perplexed that somebody would know this and says, "Of course he would win. He's in medical school."

Joy and Austin Forsyth
Joy Forsyth | Instagram

Joy, Austin, and one of the hosts lose, so they have to eat baby food. Joy has to combine chicken noodle baby food with mango, banana, and kale. Austin has to combine cheesy potato and pork with berries and oats. While they do this, they are all sitting inches from each other. At one point, Austin reaches his hand toward another host to make him smell one pouch of baby food.

They then discuss all the things they would rather do than eat the baby food, including "break a finger."

Joy and Austin Forsyth
Joy Forsyth | Instagram

The group of four giggles about the food and not feeling well about it. Joy talks about what she's learned to day, which involves washing her hands, maintaining social distance, and not selling fake COVID-19 tests. Ironic, considering their close proximity. They fail to acknowledge that they are sitting so close together in spite of talking about maintain a six-foot distance throughout the video.

After appearing in this video, Joy demonstrated she was not social distancing. She showed her son visiting with his cousins at the lake. She deleted the post after social media followers called her out.

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