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A photo showing an iPhone with ‘Billie Eilish’ boldly showing on the surface and two accessories.

Billie Eilish Finally Passes A Comment To Trolls Over Bikini Photo

Unsplash | Cezar Sampaio
By Favour

Billie Eilish has often been at the center of a backlash from angry trolls on social media. From her type of music to the way she dress, acts and talks, it seems like there are some people that will always have a problem with it. The youngster has made a name for herself in the music industry and bagged several awards and nominations over the years. But, these non-fans will stills top at nothing to troll her whenever they get the chance .

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A lovely photo showing Billie Eilish at the Grammy Awards 2020 showing off her nails on the red carpet.
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Aside from being an amazing singer and a young one at that, Eilish is also a role model to several young people out there who want to chase their dreams. The 18-year-old singer has struggled a lot in her life, especially with body dysmorphia, but that has not kept her from achieving her goals and making amazing music.

Early this year, Eilish was trolled on social media after she released a series of photos of herself from her vacation in Hawaii.

A lovely black and white photo showing Billie a Eilish on stage and her fans are excited.
Unsplash | Nathan DeFiesta

The [“Bad Guy” singer is popular for her love of baggy or over-sized clothes. She once said that wearing big-sized clothings not only stemmed from her issues, it was also a way to keep people from sexual using her body. These struggles have been a constant in her life, but in a way, she is learning to deal with it.

A few weeks ago, during a concert, the 18-year-old shocked the world when she went almost bide on stage to show people that they always have to embrace their bodies.

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

The snaps Eilish shared on Instagram showed her with a couple of friends in bikini outfits having a blast. In one video, they were in a speedboat and Eilish’s back was turned to the camera. Another video showed them swimming in a stream and were all excited.

Eilish posted the photos and videos to show her fans how amazing Hawaii was for her, but what she did not count on, was trolls coming for her and they did.

A beautiful photo is Billie Eilish rocking an orange color T-shirt with silver neck jewelry.
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Although the backlash had happened months ago and Eilish did not respond at that time, she changed thy narrative in a recent interview with Dazed magazine.

When she was asked about the backlash in January, Eilish’s reply was hilarious.

“Like dude. I can’t win. I cannot win.”

Some of the non-fans who took offense with Eilish’s post mentioned that they did not like her anymore because she would be turning 18 in December.

She also recounted that some people challenged her for wearing a tank-top one time. Guess you all now know why Eilish loves baggy clothes!

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