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Kate Beckinsale Gets an Easter Surprise When Bunny Poops On Her Bed

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kate Beckinsale tried to join in the Easter Sunday festivities and even included a real live bunny, however, she wasn't exactly left with the chocolate treats she was hoping for. The "Underworld" star shared video of herself snuggling with an adorable fluffy rabbit while lounging around in bed.

Beckinsale was whispering sweet nothings into the bunny's ear while it hopped along the mattress, but it wasn't until the star picked up the little animal that she got her stinky surprise.


Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

"Happy Easter," Beckinsale wrote to her fans.

She continued, "Here I am trying to have a cute moment with a bunny which is actually shitting the whole time. Very 2020 . Love you all."

Yes, in fact as Beckinsale lifted her bunny friend into the air it was obvious that a few brown pellets had fallen out of the bunny and were rolling around on the bed.

"She poop again?" the star asked her friend while seemingly already knowing the answer to the question.

Not Her First Poop

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

To be fair, having a bunny poop on your bed is not bad considering the other animals it could have been. Beckinsale has cats and dogs of her own, which would have been way worse, and she made it clear that the bunny was not a new pet ... so one little mess isn't the biggest deal.

It's also not the grossest thing the star has dealt with in the past few days, as she also had a run-in with her image being misappropriated in a very personal way.

The Extra Special Egg

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Following the Easter theme, Beckinsale recently discovered she was being advertised of the face for a line of sex toys shaped like an egg.

"Apparently I’ve started unknowingly advertising egg shaped sex toys just in time for Easter. There’s no end to my entrepreneurial spirit on lockdown, it seems. If they are sold out obviously do feel free to experiment with a regular chicken egg," she wrote on Instagram.

Beckinsale actually didn't seem too upset over the situation, as other celebrities have been known to sue for having their image misappropriated. For some reason ... she was just verrry relaxed.

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