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Amanda Bynes: Her Mother Is Outraged By Star’s Pregnancy Announcement

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By Maurice Cassidy

Amanda Bynes recently announced she is expecting her first child with fiancé Paul Michael, but her mother Lynn Bynes is said to be livid about the news.

According to sources, it’s become extremely difficult for the former Nickelodeon star to continue taking her medication now that she’s learned about her pregnancy, and Lynn is worried that her daughter will suffer a major relapse because of it.

While Lynn understands why her daughter wouldn’t want to take the medication - in fear that it could hurt her baby.

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Amanda's Shock Pregnancy News

Amanda Bynes and her fiancé
amandabynesreal / Instagram

Amanda's mother is still trying to make sense of the fact that she’ll soon become a grandmother.

‘Treating her mental health issues has become complicated,’ a source told Us Weekly. Amanda doesn't want to take some of the meds because of dangers to [her] baby.'

‘Due to Bynes' six-year conservatorship, her parents Lynn and Rick remain in control of her finances and affairs, and if she welcomes her first child they'll 'share custody of the baby with her fiancé Paul Michael.'

Her Parents Are In Control Of Her Finances

Amanda Bynes Instagram selfie
amandabynesreal / Instagram

Amanda has been under a tight conservatorship, which has seen Lynn and father Rick take over her finances and affairs, after having shown clear signs in the past that she was incapable of looking after herself following her disastrous 2012 meltdown.

In 2014, she would be committed to a psychiatric facility in Pasadena, California, after a string of bizarre events had landed her in trouble with the law, including two hit-and-runs and a DUI offense.

She was also arrested in 2013 for throwing a bong out of her window from her Manhattan apartment.

Amanda Faced A Huge Meltdown

Amanda Bynes bedroom selfie
amandabynesreal / Instagram

Fortunately, nobody was hurt. But the string of incidents in a rather short matter of time was enough to convince a judge that Amanda needed psychological help.

In March, Paul shared an ultrasound taken shortly after leaving a doctor’s appointment, which was timestamped on March 17, giving less of a doubt that the photo was, in fact, real. The caption read: ‘Baby in the making.'

'I'm not confirming that Amanda is expecting,' Amanda’s lawyer said while talking to TMZ on March 18.

Amanda Won't Hold Custody Of Her Child

Amanda Bynes posing
amandabynesreal / Instagram

'And because of that, it's premature for anyone to speculate about who would have custody of Amanda's unborn child.'

Just two weeks before the announcement that they were set to start a family together, the couple also shared they had gotten engaged, just three months after meeting at an AA class.

Given that Amanda has remained tight-lipped about her pregnancy since Paul’s announcement of their bundle of joy, it looks as if the former actress isn’t looking to draw any further attention to the news.

Fans will have to wait and see on what options Amanda will take concerning the medication she’s supposed to be taking while pregnant with her firstborn, but with the way things are going, Lynn would want her daughter to continue her treatment.

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