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Chrissy Teigen Addresses Rumors Saying She Shaded Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has a very large fans base that are ready to do anything on her behalf, including laying accusations that they have no evidence about. It is amazing that they are sticking up for their favorite, but what happens when things get out of line. For many years, fans have been responsible for pitting celebrities against each other with false accusations and comparisons. This has led to a lot of drama on social media and recently, another one almost took place between Chrissy Teigen and Taylor Swift.

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The Swifties openly called out Teigen for insulting their favorite singer through a tweet. Although, no names were mentioned, the fans concluded that she could only have been referring to Swift.

What to know what Teigen said that got the ball rolling on social media? Well, you’re in luck.

“Is slicing your nose off to spite your facial area a Sagittarius thing or just a dumb idiot matter J just can’t end wanting to do” Teigen said on Twitter. Few moments later, Swift’s fans started lambasting her.

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Some fans were certain that Teigen was referring to Swift in her tweet because of the Grammy-Award winner’s song lyrics.

“The Archer,” a track released by Swift recently had some lyrics in it that relates to what Teigen talked about on Twitter: in the track, Swift said;

“And I lower off my nose just to spite my experience.” Also, she sand; “Then I hate my reflection for a long time and years.”

Due to these facts, Swift’s fans did not spare Teigen in the backlash.

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Another reason why fans were convicted is because the track centers around Swift’s life struggles. It talked about her issues with interactions and friendships that have failed over the years. Also, Swift was born on December 14, which makes her zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Also, fans believe that since Teigen and her husband, John Legend are good friends of Kim and Kanye West, who are unquestionably at odds with Swift, then, she probably was referring to the 30-year-old singer.

Seeing how the controversy was building up, Teigen decided to address the issues immediately.


The television personality and model tweeted that she was not okay with the fans who are convinced that her previous tweet was aimed at Swift. She also went on to note that he loves Swift’s song and since it was not released in the 12th century, her tweet had nothing to do with it.

She also mentioned that the craft of cutting the nose did not begin with Swift as it has been a trend for a long time.

Now that Teigen has addressed this issue, hopefully, Swift’s fans will understand.

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