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A lovely photo of Kate Middleton dressed in an official attire while speaking to dignitaries.

Kate Middleton’s Special Wedding Dress Design Attracted A Lawsuit! Literally

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By Favour

Kate Middleton got married to her college sweetheart, Prince William in 2011 and it was one of the most broadcasted wedding that year. The duo had been together for a really long time and though they went their separate ways a few times, fate still led them right back to each other. The wedding ceremony of course, was only open to invited guests from different parts of the world. However, it was televised for millions of citizens to watch from the comfort of their homes.

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A lovely photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton holding hands as they are out of the church with smiles on their faces.
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Middleton not only had one of the most amazing and publicized wedding in the history of royals, she also had on a breath-taking and jaw-dropping wedding dress. The dress according to reports, was designed by Alexander McQueen’s director known as Sarah Burton. Although everything went well for the wedding, after the ceremony of course, there was a legal issue involving the dress.

A lawsuit was slammed against Alexander McQueen for allegedly dubbing the design used on the dress. Since Middleton was the one who wore the dress at her wedding, it was only a matter of time before the media picked it up.

A lovely photo of a three-tier wedding cake sitting on a table and decorated with flowers.
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While Middleton was still in courtship with Prince William, fans nicknamed her ‘Waity Katie’ She had dated William for over a decade and during that time, they broke more than once. They came back together after a split in 2007 and fans began to wonder when the duo will finally take the bold step. Particularly, fans were asking why Williams was taking time to propose to Middleton.

Middleton has to wait another three years and finally, he asked her to marry him. This is why she was nicknamed ‘Waity Katie.’

An iconic photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton sharing an affectionate kiss outside the church after getting married.
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When it came to the wedding, everything had to be done in perfection. No stone was left unturned for the couple, especially the bride. Her dress alone cost an unbelievable amount of $400,000. Also, this money did not come from the purse of the royals which is even more surprising.

Middleton’s Parents who were owners of an online supply company paid in full for the dress. The inspiration for the dress was Victorian and Middleton looked nothing short of elegant in it during the ceremony.


A British designer, Christine Kendall claimed to the court that the sketches for Middleton’s wedding dress were copied by Alexander McQueen. The lawsuit, which was filed in 2016 and as a result, the design company was sued for breach of copyright.

After a while, Alexander McQueen denied the allegations and stated that Burton never had any prior knowledge of Kendall’s design, nor did she come in contact with her before the lawsuit.

Till date, no one knows for sure how the lawsuit progressed and ended, but one thing we know is that Kate Middleton looked amazing in the said dress.

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