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Jeezy and 'The Real' Host Jeannie Mai are Engaged!

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin
By Imani Ford

Fans were shocked when a photo surfaced on the internet of Jeannie Mai and Jeezy hanging out together back in November of 2018. They had been quietly dating for a while before it got out to the public. On March 27, 2020, Jeezy proposed to Jeannie during a Vietnamese dinner he put together for her. Once their relationship was made public, things seemed to be picking up quickly between the two. Jeannie and Jeezy have not been shy in expressing their love for one another with posts and videos.

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Their Relationship Past

Gettyimages | Imeh Akpanudosen

Out of all of Jeezy's dating history, his most public and notable relationship was with R&B singer Keyshia Cole. Their breakup was somewhat dysfunctional because both parties claimed that the other person rejected their proposal. Keyshia claimed that when Jeezy proposed, she turned him down because she wasn't ready. Jeezy claims that Keyshia proposed to him and he told her that they weren’t even that serious. Jeannie Mai’s past relationship was equally as public. After being married for 10 years to Freddy, they got a divorce. She even claimed that during their first year of marriage, she knew they were not meant for each other. Her ex-husband Freddy was already starting a family with someone else before their divorce was finalized.

How They Met

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The couple met while Jeannie was actually at work. Jeezy made an appearance on the talk show The Real back in 2018. A year later, Jeannie is on the show gushing over those early months of their relationship. “He’s introspective. He’s passionate. He’s incredibly deep. He’s a visionary. He’s a great leader. He’s an amazing servant to his community,” Jeannie says. After their first picture together made its way online Jeannie addresses the picture on The Real. “Jeezy and I hang out,” she explains. “We don’t have a label to define what it is we’re doing. We’re just having a good time together.”

Jeezy Doesn’t Criticize Who She Is

Gettyimages | Astrid Stawiarz

On another episode of "The Real" back in August of 2019 Jeannie starts to get more candid on her relationship with Jeezy. “The things I’ve been criticized for my whole life and in my past relationships ‘Jeannie you’re too deep, you think about things too much. Why’s everything got to have a purpose?’ I’m not one for small talk or small conversations.” Jeannie then goes on to say that with Jeezy, she found her equal. It was obvious at this moment that the couple were deeply in love.

Meeting Each Other’s Family

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In November of 2019, Jeannie revealed that she and Jeezy spent their first Thanksgiving together in Atlanta, Georgia. “It was an unforgettable surreal moment. It was the first time that we spent Thanksgiving together, and to be able to have an intimate dinner with his family. They’re all such lovely people and they’re fun” Jeannie gushes. The couple has posted pictures of Jeezy hanging out with Jeannie’s family as well. Adorable videos of Jeezy showing Mama Mai (Jeannie’s Mom) black movie classics.

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