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Wendy Williams at event

Wendy Williams Breaks From Shading NeNe Leakes, Throws Rapper Common Under The Bus

Gettyimages | Lars Niki
By Kay Lewis

Lesson of the day: Don’t ask Wendy Williams for dating advice. The shady TV host is never one to back down when it comes to telling it like it is to her fans, friends, ex-husband and anyone else who gets in her way. Williams has been taping her show “The Wendy Williams Show” in her home while in quarantine and the change of scenery has seemed to have made her even more comfortable stating her opinion, not that it was a problem before. One of Williams guests this week was actress Tiffany Haddish.

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When Williams asked Haddish about her quarantine habits, the comedian had a lot to say. She joked about possibly quarantining with rapper turned actor Common. The friends had been dodging rumors for quite some time now about being a couple. While Haddish did not confirm that they are dating she did hint that he was her quarantine partner and even made a few jokes about not being able to get her birth control shot. Is Haddish planning a quarantine baby?

Haddish posing for a mirror selfie

Williams seemed concerned that her friend was making a bad decision regarding Common. Yet, she still showed a level of support that is just sly enough to be either support or shade. “I like Tiffany Haddish and Common, only because she’s been lusting after him for so long. So, it appears that they might be quarantining together,” said Williams. She continued on to make possible excuses why these two would be spending so much time together. “Maybe she’s working on music. She’s into that music thing. She’s gonna put out a new single and all like that.”

Haddish doing an Instagram Live

Williams seemingly confirmed that her friend was spending her down time with Common. “Are they quarantined together? I believe, yes. You know, she talked real girl-talk about what she’d do to him. So, I guess it’s going down.” It seems like she let the cat out of the bag whatever happened to friendship boundaries? Seeing as she she spilled the beans, she also decided to share some advice with Haddish. “Tiffany the thing is, don’t fall too hard in love. Common is not good with women. That’s all I’m saying. He keeps ya, until he’s done with ya.”

Giphy | Wendy Williams

Wow those are fighting words. Williams didn’t let up there, she asked her producer what the rapper’s longest relationship was, and the answer was a bit confusing. “He was with Angela Rye recently, for a while. He was with, I believe Erykah Badu, I think at one point. Yea, Taraji, Serena Williams.” Common is a private guy so it’s not surprising that not much detail is known about a lot of his relationships. Williams, however, thinks he is all about the games.

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