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Toni Braxton performing

Toni Braxton Joining The Cash Money Family in Late 2020

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Kay Lewis

A business transaction is set to take place between singer Toni Braxton and the Young Money Cash Money Family. Braxton confirmed that she and rapper Birdman will be tying the knot in late 2020. The Grammy-Award winning singer shared with Atlanta’s Rick & Sasha that the couple are ready to make things official. When asked about when they would be tying the knot, Braxton said, “We have gone back and forth on wedding dates. We had a great date but then it was getting too big. We didn’t want a big wedding, and then we said okay, we don’t want it too small.”

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This is a typical couple problem for those that are engaged. No one wants to pay for a plate for someone who they’ve barely talked to in the last few years. Fans of the singer thought that her choice in a boyfriend was odd but, let’s face it, who would have ever though that Braxton would be with a man who has tattoo’s all over his face but somehow it works! The couple confirmed their relationship back in 2016 when they appeared together at the 2016 BET awards. Since then Birdman whose real name is Bryan Williams has made several appearances on Braxton’s reality show, “Braxton Family Values”.

Braxton and her oldest son

As different as they seem to be, the rapper still knows how to make Braxton laugh. When the couple couldn’t figure out how to please everyone for their wedding, he suggested they have a drive-thru wedding. “He said he ‘Okay, let’s do the drive-thru.’ I’m like ‘We are NOT doing a drive-thru, I’m not ordering fries after we get married. We’ve been trying to figure it out.” regardless of all their plans being up in the air Braxton insists that no matter what “We’re definitely gonna do it this year.”

Braxton and Birdman cuddling

The couple are rarely seen together so it’s a treat that she is talking openly about her relationship. She did have to clear up a little confusion about where she stands with Birdman though as fans felt like the couple had called it quits. She reassured fans that they are surely together, but they are homebodies. “We’re aloof…You don’t hardly ever see us together. When we were out, it was a lot of people saying things and I’m kind of sensitive. I can’t deny it.”

Braxton and Birdman at an event
Gettyimages | Erika Goldring

She did clarify that their “aloofness” is mostly due to her wanting to keep their “business private”. She shared, “People can ask me questions, I’m fine with that. It’s just sometimes, people just have too much of an opinion, I think socially, if you’re reading on stuff, and I didn’t like that. So, we decided we were gonna keep our life quieter.” Must be hard when you’ve signed on for several seasons of a reality show about your family. Hopefully fans get to see some photos of that drive-thru wedding Birdman is hoping for.

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